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New Ventures

Support for startups, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from the New Ventures Team.


MAGNET’s New Ventures team works with physical product and hard tech startup companies to transform ideas into businesses. By asking innovators fundamental product development questions, our team can ensure customers will get solutions they need.

New Ventures - Hex

Business and Product Viability

What good is a new product if your target market and customers lack a need or interest? MAGNET works with you to test how your products will satisfy prospective customer pain points and improve existing market solutions.

NV Hex

Prototyping and Scale-up

Prototyping reduces uncertainty and decreases risk by catching design flaws before full-scale production. MAGNET supports every stage of prototyping - from selecting the right material to durability testing. Whether you decide to manufacture your product yourself or find a manufacturer to produce it for you, MAGNET has the tools to scale up your prototype into full production.


Annual Mspire Pitch Competition

Mspire is MAGNET’s yearly pitch competition for Ohio startups that specialize in hard tech, physical, or manufactured products. Prizes help early stage companies move forward to the next milestone through assistance with projects such as engineering prototyping and operations work. Judges typically include local service providers and investors that provide supportive feedback during the event and beyond.

Advanced Manufacturing Fund AMF Hex

The Advanced Manufacturing Fund (AMF) invests in high-potential early-stage manufacturing companies in Ohio and helps them navigate the unique business building and funding challenges that manufacturing start-ups face. We exist because advanced manufacturing companies often struggle to attract early-stage funding. Compared with software and service businesses, manufacturing startups typically require more time and capital to achieve scale. The AMF attempts to fill this gap by offering a unique combination of right-sized funding and expert advice from experienced investors and economic development partners. Along with our investment partner JumpStart, MAGNET also offers expert advice and technical support to our investor group and portfolio companies.

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