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Mspire 2023

Mspire 2023

***Mspire 2023 : September 21, 2023***

Applications accepted 7/1/23 - 8/10/2023; Prizes totaling $75,000 available!

What is Mspire?

Mspire is Ohio's premier pitch challenge exclusively for manufacturing-focused entrepreneurs. If you have a product that will help advance the manufacturing industry or a physical product (or idea) that needs to be manufactured, we want to hear from you!

Check out a highlight reel of last year's event!

And, check out last year's winners:

  • Cleanr: The maker of "biomimicry-inspired microplastic filters for washing machines" was awarded a $15,000 Engineering Design Prize.
  • Onedrus: Another winner of a $15,000 Engineering Design Prize, this commercial air filtration device maker created a "scroll filter technology to remotely index dirty filter media for clean material and reduce physical servicing."
  • Skuld: The developer of "an innovative hybrid casting process to address manufacturers' supply chain challenges around medium- to low-volume casting parts" received a $15,000 Manufacturing & Technology Show Prize in 2022.
  • ClimbaBoard: This innovator that “brings the world of climbing gyms to your home" received a $10,000 Engineering Design Prize.
  • Seraphina Safety: The maker o "flame-resistant base-layer clothing for women working in industrial occupations and motorsports," received a $10,000 marketing prize.

Why should I apply?

Finalists are given resources and guidance specifically geared to their specific needs and situation, based on where you are in the product development journey. We work hard to ensure that winners are given the help that they need to build their businesses.

Who should apply?

The event is open to any Ohio-based entrepreneur with an innovative product idea or service for the manufacturing sector.

What are the prizes and benefits?

Like MAGNET's manufacturing consulting services, prizes are adapted to meet the needs and services of a company or product. Therefore, prizes will be in one of the following service categories:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technical/Engineering Assistance 
  • Operational Excellence and/or Lean Operations
  • Strategy
  • Exposure to The Advanced Manufacturing Fund
  • Guidance from MAGNET's team of manufacturing experts
  • Diversity Prize, Sponsored by Huntington, for up to $10,000

I applied last year. Can I apply again?

Yes! However, if you’ve been awarded in the past, you have to demonstrate a pivot or significant progress to be eligible to win again.

What are the judging criteria?

Each project will be evaluated for fit with MAGNET's existing services, as well as feasibility, economic impact and potential for job creation.

What types of submissions are you looking for?

Any physical product or manufacturing innovation is welcome to apply.

Mspire Challenge Partners

Mspire is supported by Huntington and Kastner Westman & Wilkins, LLC.

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* The Mspire Pitch Competition is currently planned as an in-person event, as is The Manufacturing and Technology Show. All events and prizes will be evaluated regularly to ensure COVID safety for all.


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