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Want to improve your manufacturing operations, be more innovative, launch products or new processes, develop your workforce, or fuel your startup? MAGNET is here to help.

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Manufacturing Growth Services

MAGNET helps small and mid-size manufacturers grow.

Close More Sales Today

Learn from our growth experts the three things you need to close any sale.
Education and Workforce Professionals

MAGNET Workforce Services

We help companies attract, retain and grow skilled workforces.
Education and Workforce Professionals

Attract and Retain a More Skilled Workforce

Learn what your talent strategy needs to look like to succeed.

MAGNET Incubation Services

Need a value proposition or market validation for your startup idea? Our Incubation Services can help.

We Work With Innovators and Startups

The MAGNET Incubation Center collaborates with all kinds of innovators and helps them grow their businesses.

How to Create a Minimum Viable Product

Discover tips on how to create your minimum viable product and get your business launched.

Partnering with Top Organizations

MAGNET partners with a large group of leading organizations and schools committed to regional development.

What We Stand For

MAGNET and our partners stand for growing our region by growing manufacturing.

MAGNET Grows Our Region

In just the past ten years, MAGNET has helped over 2,000 Northeast Ohio companies, and created or retained over 4,500 jobs.

What We Stand For

MAGNET and our partners stand for growing our region by growing manufacturing.

Manufacturing is ... growth, innovation, investment.





Our manufacturing experts help you achieve excellence in products and process in every part of your business, from back-of-the-napkin ideas to market-leading products and services.

We’re manufacturers. Our deep industry experience and lasting industry commitment drive top-line growth and bottom-line savings. Our work is supported by a vast ecosystem of leading partners in every area of manufacturing expertise (part of Ohio MEP), giving us the ability to create uncommon success for manufacturers. We don’t just talk about problems, we roll up our sleeves and help you build you next product, layout your shop, implement lean, and do the things that you want for your business with real impact and real results.

And we aren’t in it for us or to make a dime, we are a mission-drive non-profit whose goal is help manufacturers succeed. We only win if you do. Your goals are ours.

If you’re looking to solve a business challenge, strengthen your workforce, or scale your startup, MAGNET is ready to roll up our sleeves and get the job done.




How MAGNET fuels Ohio manufacturing growth.

MAGNET Growth Services

MAGNET helps small and mid-size manufacturers grow with our expert consulting services backed by our partner network of leading manufacturing companies. We can help you improve:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Product Design and Development
  • Cyber
  • Process Innovation
  • Quality
  • Engagement and Operations

MAGNET Incubation Services

MAGNET helps startups get more focused, efficient and resilient. We can help you:

  • Build a working prototype.
  • Construct a persuasive pitch.
  • Create a data-driven financial model.
  • Develop a manufacturing process.
  • Design a go-to-market plan.

MAGNET Workforce Development

Find and keep a highly skilled workforce for your company:

  • Fill vacant positions on your team by developing tomorrow’s manufacturing workforce.
  • Increase capacity, productivity, and efficiency for your existing team.
  • Create a continuous improvement culture that energizes and engages employees.
  • Make your company an employer of choice.

Upcoming Events

7th Annual Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Symposium

Friday, September 28, 2018
Join MAGNET and the Cleveland Engineering Society as Northeast Ohio manufacturing executives present their experience with cybersecurity, connected machines and smart devices, attracting, training and retaining a workforce, adopting new product and process innovations to remain competitive, and more.

CWRU SLLP LIFT Design for Advanced Manufacturing / Lightweighting Certificate

October 1-3, 2018

Case Western Reserve University is offering Stand-Alone and Multi-Course Integrated Certificates focused on problem solving for engineering, product development managers and STEM professionals. 

Click here for more information.


May 15, 2018 - August 15, 2018

The MAGNET Incubation Center hosts an annual pitch competition for product-focused startups and small manufacturers. Any entrepreneur or small business with an innovative idea in the 21 counties of Northeast Ohio is welcome to apply.

Learn more here.

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