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Make It Podcast

Frank, unfiltered, and fascinating conversations about the future of manufacturing, what it’s really like to be in the CEO seat, and how leaders approach everything from innovation to mistakes, from ego to Industry 4.0. Hosted by MAGNET CEO Ethan Karp. 

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Episode 1: Ethan Karp speaks with Lincoln Electric Chairman, President & CEO Chris Mapes on why Lincoln is betting on EV fast chargers and additive manufacturing and what makes him most proud as he prepares to retire. Watch the video here.

Episode 2: Ethan Karp speaks with Rebecca Liebert, President & CEO of Lubrizol, about how she went from a tiny town in Kentucky to leading a global chemical manufacturer and why she believes chemistry will shape our future. Watch the video here.

Episode 3: Ethan Karp speaks with Brian Gale about how he grew revenue 20x at his label manufacturing company and how he’s now taking the beloved 90-year-old Malley’s Chocolates brand into the future. Watch the video here.

Episode 4: Ethan Karp speaks with Kevin Johnson, Managing Partner at NexGen Interactive, about why he's betting big on EV smart chargers and robots and how he's using the power of philanthropy and diversity to change the future of manufacturing. Watch the video here. 

Episode 5: Ethan Karp speaks with Cleveland Whiskey CEO Tom Lix to find out how his distillery is actually a technology company and why he went from a Boston transplant to Cleveland’s greatest champion. Watch the video here. 

Episode 6: Ethan Karp speaks with Andrew Hurst, CEO of three different logistics companies, to talk about disruptive innovation, Millennial leadership, and how he juggles entrepreneurship with being a father to 11 children. Watch the video here. 

Episode 7: Ethan Karp speaks with Jack Schron, CEO of Jergens Inc. about growing his tool company by 500%, building a “big tent” that makes room for everyone in manufacturing, and why he’s creating the “Gucci” of screwdrivers as a cornerstone to his company’s Industry 4.0 vision. Watch the video here. 

Episode 8: Bonus Episode: Producer Margaret Kashmir turns the tables to interview host Ethan Karp about the best moments and most insightful smart manufacturing wisdom shared on the podcast so far. 

Episode 9: Ethan Karp speaks with GOJO, MAKERS OF PURELL™ CEO Carey Jaros to find out how values, innovation, and Industry 4.0 helped the company increase production by 300% during the pandemic. Watch the video of this conversation here.

Episode 10: Ethan Karp speaks with Neal Restivo, CEO of global plumbing manufacturer Oatey about building an inclusive corporate culture, empathic leadership, and inspiring people to do their best work. Watch the video of this conversation here.

Episode 11: Ethan Karp speaks to his mentor and manufacturing advocate Felix Brueck about bringing out the best in people, checking your ego, and why manufacturing needs a serious wake-up call. Watch the video of this conversation here.