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MAGNET partners with funders committed to shaping tomorrow's manufacturing economy.

Through manufacturing innovation and job creation, we are revitalizing Northeast Ohio communities.

Over the last five years, MAGNET has helped manufacturers create or retain over 3,300 jobs and generate over $270 million in additional revenue. We believe a healthy manufacturing base will help create more prosperity in Northeast Ohio -- and we’re not the only ones.

Our base funding comes through the federal Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), Ohio Department of Development, and Ohio Third Frontier. This vital support ensures that our services can be accessed by the thousands of small and medium-sized manufacturers in Northeast Ohio who need high-quality consulting at affordable rates. Addressing fundamental market gaps -- access to Industry 4.0 technologies, innovation and startup services, process and marketing support, growth advising, and workforce development -- are available because of these legislatively-supported initiatives.


Government and philanthropy believe in a healthy manufacturing base.

In addition to government funding, private philanthropies and corporate support are essential to MAGNET’s continued impact on the region, as they ensure financial resources are not a barrier for businesses seeking our services and that MAGNET itself is able to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of manufacturers. Thanks to all who share their energy, resources and financial support to help MAGNET create a thriving Northeast Ohio manufacturing industry.

Major initiatives include:

Partnership for Regional Innovation Services to Manufacturers (PRISM) — In 2013, MAGNET structurally pivoted to a model that focuses on partnerships and innovation to help manufacturers benefit not just from a few specific services, but from a broad suite of holistic services that will help them grow in a long-term, sustainable way. Investments like this make sure that MAGNET can serve manufacturers in ways that they need to be served today, not yesterday.

The Early College, Early Career Program Our pioneering workforce program aimed at adapting European-style apprenticeships to Ohio’s high schools would not have happened without meaningful philanthropic support. Investments like these push the envelope on how our entire economy recruits talent, engages students in STEM education, and leverages its academic and company resources to overcome real barriers such as transportation, urban student graduation, and the extreme need for the next generation of manufacturing workforce.

Fast Track Training Programs — A core piece of MAGNET’s mission is to ensure manufacturers have the skilled workers they need to grow.  Part of that solution is to upskill existing workers, including people who are out of work, looking for a change, or just underemployed. MAGNET is leading the development of numerous community college offerings that we call “fast-track training” for in-demand occupations including CNC machining and welding. Sometimes referred to as “Right Skills Now,” the program started as a partnership between Tri-C and Swagelok. Since the inception of fast-track training at Swagelok in 2014, over 100 students have been hired by Swagelok and other small employers. MAGNET has scaled the program to Lorain County Community College and Stark State College. In 2018, MAGNET partnered with nonprofit organizations in the Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland to pilot a neighborhood-specific training program for adult residents, resulting in five new jobs. As fast-track trading programs scale across the region, it engages more employers in these new areas. The challenge is that, despite the availability of high-paying jobs, many seats are still available in these training programs.

man trains manOhio MEP Summer Internship Program — For the past several years, the Ohio MEP Summer Internship program has leveraged the MEP Center network to place high school students in advanced manufacturing jobs, with success increasing year after year. In 2017 alone, 76 students from 31 Ohio high schools and tech/career centers were placed at 40 employers around the state. These students worked in high-demand, high-growth areas including precision machining, electrical trades, welding, manufacturing technology, industrial mechanics, automated manufacturing technology, CNC machining, computerized design and drafting, and material handling and receiving. The program is expanding significantly in summer 2018, placing over 150 students via the MEP Centers across the state. In the end, the Ohio MEP Summer internship Program assists students and educators in establishing future employment connections; allows students to acquire valuable work experience, improve their soft skills, and advance their technical knowledge learned in the classroom; and provides employers with trained, prepared students to potentially join their future workforce.

With the support of numerous companies, government entities, philanthropic funders, and educational institutions, MAGNET’s programs are transforming Northeast Ohio neighborhoods by bringing high-paying, skilled employment to residents. MAGNET is focusing on scalable, replicable solutions system-wide problems by engaging high schools, grassroots organizations, community colleges, and manufacturers to jointly address workforce issues. By unlocking the full potential of inner-city students, companies, and unemployed adults, these programs will increase our community’s economic self-sufficiency and promote economic inclusion for all. 

Together, we are creating a thriving manufacturing economy in Northeast Ohio.


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