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Plan a visit

Our new headquarters in Cleveland's Hough Neighborhood is helping grow the talent pipeline into manufacturing careers. 

From our stem-themed playground for children to the latest technologies featured on our Advanced Manufacturing Floor, young children to experienced professionals have the opportunity to deepen their experience of manufacturing.

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Manufacturing 101
Want to check out our facility
before you bring your students or
colleagues? Schedule a time to learn
about manufacturing, career
opportunities, student programming,
Industry 4.0 technologies and more
at MAGNET with an on-site visit.


Community Open House Hours
Stop by with your family, friends
and co-workers to take a free
guided tour, explore the exhibit
hall and learn about manufacturing
in Northeast Ohio. All ages welcome!

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DaJon Battle
(student groups)
Manager of Education & Workforce

Bass Khoury
(manufacturer tours)
Director of Operations

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Building Features

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Area
Our hands-on manufacturing elements, which make for an unforgettable, educational visit, are through a partnership with the Great Lakes Science Center. Through a tour, you will experience various manufacturing processes, careers available in Northeast Ohio related to them, along with the salary those jobs earn, skills required to perform them and where in the region you can acquire those skills.  Experiences include: injection molding by activating levers to fill clear molds with colorful dye, metal rolling and bending, welding, vacuum forming and 3D-printing. Our favorite is the die-cutting stop where you turn a strip of stainless steel into an Ohio-shaped cookie cutter packaged in a cardboard box to take home. Finally, with the help of our virtual reality welder, you can feel what it's like to be a welder at work!

Heroes of Manufacturing Park
Our STEM-themed playground, a partnership with Cleveland Metroparks, features a vibrant mural of six famous Black manufacturers painted by local artist Darius Steward. Bring your family and friends to enjoy our giant slides, construction sandbox and basketball courts. The playground has elements to accommodate children ages 0-100! *This area is open to the public dawn to dusk, 365 days a year.

Interactive Lobby
From the moment you enter our building, you have the opportunity to learn and feel manufacturing! Take a career quiz at the ball wall to find where your qualities merge with those needed in manufacturing. From there, head into the Workforce Exhibit for a professional headshot or to learn about the jobs the ball wall presents you with!

Active Plant Floor
MAGNET’s own engineers work in our building's plant floor, which used to be the former school gym. Visitors get to see a real plant without disrupting the line at a company. You'll see CNC machines, water jet and laser cutters, manual machines, robots and cobots, 3D printers, modern assembly lines, tools for ideal plant layouts, safety and quality tools, and so much more! *This area requires a guided tour.

CMSD Classrooms
Our building was once home to a Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) elementary school, Margaret Ireland School, which opened in the 1960s and closed its doors in 2011. While we completely overhauled the building, we kept five classrooms that are used for various training sessions. *This area requires a guided tour.

Partnership Offices
MAGNET hosts various community partner tenants on our second floor. We are home to the business branch of Towards Employment, our program partner for ACCESS to Manufacturing Careers, Women in Manufacturing, Cleveland Water Alliance and NEOSTEM. *This area requires a guided tour.

Plan a Class Trip

Bring your students to MAGNET! We offer free student tour experiences for high school students in Northeast Ohio to learn about manufacturing. 

Field trips last 3 hours and includes a tour of our real manufacturing floor, a hands-on design process challenge where students compete to build and race battery-powered toy cars, exploratory time in our manufacturing exhibit hall learning about manufacturing processes and career paths, and time on the STEM-themed playground.

  • Tours typically run from 10am-1pm
  • Tours run Tuesday through Friday
  • We can accommodate up to 25 students per tour
  • School tours are available August through May; Summer camp tours are held June through August

In the on-site manufacturing plant tour, students will be exposed to real machinery and operators. The goal of the tour is to show students that today’s careers in manufacturing are technology-driven and to serve as an entryway to other plant tours with MAGNET’s manufacturing partners.

In the manufacturing exhibit hall, students will get to try various manufacturing processes and make a takeaway so that they can share their experience with family and friends. The goal of the exhibit hall is to reinforce the concept of making physical products while exposing them to local companies that can provide a “debt-free college” experience by paying for their education.

The high school design challenge gives students an opportunity to work on a manufacturing team using problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to work through a variety of challenges to produce a functional toy car. They’ll choose the parts, work with a collaborative robot for assembly, make choices to improve its design and then run the car on a series of ramps. The car that can carry the most weight up the steepest ramp for the least amount of "money" wins!

Contact DaJon Battle, Manager of Education & Workforce, to plan your trip today.

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