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Blueprint @ MAGNET

Blueprint @ MAGNET

Since the Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio launched in June 2021, MAGNET has rolled up our sleeves to make the vision of being a global leader in smart manufacturing in the next decade a reality. We’re helping manufacturers adopt Industry 4.0 technologies like robots, cobots and sensors and showcasing Northeast Ohio Manufacturing Lighthouses for others to experience; supporting innovators as they create new products and encouraging them through our annual Mspire pitch competition; and opening our new building to welcome thousands of students and adults for hands-on tours to learn about manufacturing careers. There's much more, but to get a quick glimpse of our work, check out the videos below


Transformation to Industry 4.0 technologies is critical to Northeast Ohio manufacturers being able to compete globally. Without the majority of regional manufacturers transforming, our industry will inevitably shrink. Here is a look at the transformation some NEO-based manufacturers have harnessed and benefitted from. 

Top 10 Tips to Transform Your Company With Technology




Manufacturing growth will only come through innovation; without it, the industry will inevitably shrink. Here we look at ways different regional manufacturers have innovated products and services to expand their capabilities and reach new markets, ultimately broadening their bottom line and strengthening Northeast Ohio manufacturing. 

Top 10 Tips to Fuel Innovation




We have an opportunity to close the skills gap that prevents manufacturing job awareness and fulfillment, to pivot from a talent shortage to a talent influx. Using innovative, fast-track “earn and learn” programs, we are attracting and retaining people to manufacturing careers and therefore boosting prosperity for the entire region.  

Top 10 Tips to Attract Top Talent




Leadership is the key factor to coalescing innovation, transformation and talent efforts. Here are the manufacturing leaders paving the way.

Top 10 Tips to Lead the World in Smart Manufacturing

Learn more about the Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio here.