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Advanced technology

Industry 4.0 & Advanced Technology

ROI through technologies that fit your company, budget and goals.

Industry 4.0 can provide you with the improved speed, flexibility, quality and cost you need to be the best in class. MAGNET can assess the best technologies for you, including:

  • Machine monitoring for increased uptime and ERP scheduling
  • Collaborative robot (cobot) machine tending for capacity and efficiency
  • Real-time in-line part inspection for quality
  • Digital twin for demanding customer applications


M-7 Technologies

“MAGNET is our go-to resource for growth and technology implementation. MAGNET assisted building our massive scale additive near net shape machine and our autonomous machining center. They supported integration of our best-in-class software and hardware, which resulted in production increases of more than 75% and a digital twin of the parts produced.”

Michael Garvey, CEO


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