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Top 6 Manufacturing Pain Points

MAGNET recently interviewed 33 Northeast Ohio OEM and contract manufacturers to identify their pain points and unmet needs and created this Market Insights Report. We used the New Product Blueprinting© research system. Let’s look at the top six pain points for manufacturers we uncovered and what to do about them based on our experiences and that of our manufacturing clients.

  1. Understanding how to prioritize projects

How do you allocate resources? Do you outsource some projects or roles? At MAGNET, we work with a variety of subcontractors for cybersecurity, IT Help Desk support, digital marketing and more. We also employ interns who support our engineering team.

  1. Managing labor shortages

This is a challenge every manufacturer knows too well. Finding (and then retaining) a pool of qualified candidates is hard. We partner with local schools to offer an Early College, Early Career (ECEC) Program to train high school students in manufacturing and get them in an apprenticeship program.

  1. Maximizing potential of automation

Have you adopted automation or Industry 4.0 in your facility? Our engineers work with manufacturers to help you make the transition if you haven’t yet or improve automation and process innovation for those who have, which results in streamlined processes, reduced labor needs and improved quality.

  1. Maximizing internal communications effectiveness

Is your company doing a great job of communicating to all levels of the organization? Are you clear on how your day-to-day activities impact long-term company goals? We use the Scaling Up methodology created by Entrepreneur Verne Harnish, which focuses on people, strategy, execution and cash to help manufacturers with their strategic planning. We have in-house Scaling Up Certified Coaches to walk our clients through every step of the process.

  1. Reaching productivity/capacity potential

Are you working on new products and sales or busy supporting work for existing product lines and customers? A well-defined sales strategy and coaching, sales training and skills development, CRM implementation, a sales playbook, a sales process and distribution channel strategies can help you grow your business.

  1. Minimizing rework

Is rework an issue? Are eight people doing things differently and getting different results, or does your facility standardize? Lean strategies can help with business alignment. A distribution layout and optimized floor plan also are important elements of operations excellence.

MAGNET helps Northeast Ohio manufacturers in 24 counties with every facet of their business. If you are experiencing, or know a manufacturer who is experiencing, any of these pain points, contact your local Manufacturing Extension Partnership for information on how they can help you.

For more information on the insights, outcomes and conclusions gained from these interviews, you can view the full Market Insights Report here.



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