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Gina Tabasso

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How to Write a Blog Post for Your Manufacturing Business

Wednesday, 24 August, 2022

Marketing & Sales

Remember the feeling of being assigned an essay in school, when you knew what you needed to write about, but didn’t know where to start or couldn’t find the right words to string together? Blog...
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5 Ways Manufacturers Can Ramp up Marketing

Friday, 24 June, 2022
Maybe you already have and execute a marketing plan for your brand and products. Maybe you want to improve it. Maybe you have no marketing at all. However mature your company’s marketing plan is,...
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New Website, Market Research Help Company Secure Funding, Suppliers

Tuesday, 21 June, 2022

Innovation, Marketing & Sales, Technology, Strategy

Background Formed in 2021 as a privately held subsidiary of Pittsburgh Mineral & Environmental Technology (PMET), Brixx Technology uses a patented technology that repurposes power plant fly ash and...
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Top 6 Manufacturing Pain Points

Tuesday, 26 April, 2022

Additive Manufacturing, Lean for Manufacturing, Process Improvement, Engagement & Operations, Strategy, Marketing

MAGNET recently interviewed 33 Northeast Ohio OEM and contract manufacturers to identify their pain points and unmet needs and created this Market Insights Report. We used the New Product...
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What is a Minimum Viable Product and How Do I Create One?

How a minimum viable product will launch your product-based startup.