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New Website, Market Research Help Company Secure Funding, Suppliers


Formed in 2021 as a privately held subsidiary of Pittsburgh Mineral & Environmental Technology (PMET), Brixx Technology uses a patented technology that repurposes power plant fly ash and mineral mining tailing wastes into structural bricks and pavers. The technology uses 70 to 90% less energy than clay brick production and releases fewer emissions. The final product, which comprises 90% recycled materials and is more durable and less expensive than clay bricks, encapsulates toxins by way of a chemical reaction to render them inert and non-leachable. And, because Brixx bricks do not require curing time, they can be shipped immediately.

Already meeting silica brick standards and with its LEED certification for sustainability efforts, Brixx will be marketed to green building architects and government contractors who design and build schools, post offices and roads and are required to use 20% sustainable building materials. Because other environmentally sustainable products can be made from their patented technology, Brixx is considered a remediation manufacturer rather than just a brick manufacturer.

The company plans to acquire contracts with at least five power plants to supply the raw materials, including ones in Cheshire, Ohio; Waco, Texas; Southern Ill.; and Mobile, Ala. Further, the owner is working to raise the capital for the first site purchase, building construction and used equipment. He expects to start production with one production line and expand to three. The company currently has a plant in India for proof of concept and testing.

Business Needs

Brixx needed an SEO-optimized website designed and built with educational content to attract power plant suppliers and investors and to be used in the future as a sales lead generation. The company required but did not have any secondary research regarding local and national opportunities regarding brick and paver markets, which they needed for presentations to banks and investors and for grant opportunities.


In October 2021, Brixx hired MAGNET to design, build and populate the content for its first website. That project included keyword research, competitor research, defining a unique value proposition, generating SEO-optimized and educational content, and the build-out of an SEO-optimized and branded site. The site, developed in partnership with a web development servicer, included the following pages: a homepage, about, products, product literature, FAQs, applications and contact. A page for future blogs was also built, though hidden. We designed the products page to feature an infographic illustrating the product, process, applications and benefits in a quick, easy snapshot.

MAGNET also performed secondary market research to find and present the aggregated results from qualified, published research reports on the brick and paver market in the U.S. and within a 200-mile radius of the first plant location. The objective of this study was to gain sufficient insights to develop a reasonably reliable estimate on the market size and sales potential for remediated bricks and pavers. The study examined the market structure, market activity and market trends, and it sought to identify and analyze pertinent information affecting the supply and demand of remediated bricks and pavers.


In November 2021, launched, showing the company’s unique value proposition through its patented process and its positive impact on the environment.

MAGNET also conducted secondary market research with the help of a market research firm and presented a 31-page PowerPoint presentation that analyzed U.S., Ohio and local market trends in the residential and non-residential brick and paver industry, drivers and challenges, key findings regarding demand, forecasting, market segmentation, green construction (LEED), number and value of bricks by city, in-depth competitor analysis, and the exports and imports market.

Since completion of work, the client secured additional funding and founded another startup company, Chameleon Bioremediation & Environmental. Brixx has also rehired MAGNET to conduct Phase II secondary market research for another geographically defined area for Brixx Technology, as well as for website hosting and maintenance projects. MAGNET will also conduct national and geographically defined secondary research in three markets for Chameleon.

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