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Coffee is STILL for Closers: 3 Things Needed to Close Any Sale

The secret to closing any sale is to reduce uncertainty in the buyer and replace it with confidence in YOU, your PRODUCT/SERVICE, and your COMPANY.

Step 1 – Confidence in YOU

Someone buying from you wants to be able to fundamentally connect with you on a human level and feel confident that you’re an expert in what you’re selling

  • If you’re selling paperclips, be an expert in paperclips
  • If you’re selling design and engineering related services, be an expert in design and engineering related services

Focus on addressing the problem, not the solution….MEANING you already know you have the solution, connect with the buyer by being an expert with the problem he/she is facing. Prove that you know the problem and all aspects of the problem like the back of your hand.

Step 2- Confidence in the PRODUCT/SERVICE you are selling

Someone buying from you needs to trust the product/service you are selling will solve their problem. It’s your responsibility to deliver a solution and the benefits associated with it. Basically you need to “Hit a Homerun” communicating this message.

  • Tip – Use Success Stories: Share with the potential buyer examples of your product/service solving problems and delivering value for other customers. If possible share the names of the other companies and people that have benefited. If you can list companies or people that the potential buyer knows or is familiar with you just greatly improved your chance of closing the sale.

Step 3 – Confidence in the COMPANY you represent

Someone buying from you wants to feel confident that the company you represent is a real/legitimate company that has a proven record of delivering value. Be able to communicate the following:

  • WHAT your company does, HOW are you meaningful unique, and WHY you exist
  • The Core Values of your company
  • How long your company has been in operation and other locations you do business in
  • What markets are you currently serving and what products/services you serving them with
  • What types of charity/community involvement your company active with

If you can make the potential buyer feel confident in all 3 of these areas, you will reduce his/her uncertainty and greatly improve your chances of closing the sale.

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