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Workforce Connect Launches Successful Monthly Newsletter

Our talent development team has worked hard to become a source of thought leadership, action and connection for the Greater Cleveland area.


Since January, our Workforce Connect Manufacturing Sector Partnership team, led by Adam Snyder, Debbi Perkul, Tom McGraw, Bryan Wortmann and Brandi Baker, has been publishing a monthly newsletter. They share powerful methods regional manufacturers have implemented to develop and retain talent; highlights, news and stories featuring area businesses; and achievements of workforce development program graduates. Warmly welcomed by industry leaders, the number of newsletter recipients has more than doubled in size since the first issue. 


Our most recent issue was released on April 29, with a focus on developing partnerships with schools in an effort to grow the workforce. In Snyder's piece, How to Foster Student Engagement Through Local School Districts, he talks about the power of schools' relationships with their youth and how you can share valuable information and exposure to manufacturing careers through partnerships. Tom McGraw wrote a piece on the success of this very initiative -- school/manufacturer partnerships -- between GCCC and the CMSD with the development of the PACE program. 


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