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Is a Custom Manufacturing Machine Right for Your Company? 6 Questions to Ask

AdobeStock_134269125Many manufacturers don’t consider new machines until existing assets break, slowing production. However, a broken machine is not the only reason to consider upgrading.

Outdated machines may require constant, costly maintenance, while others don’t meet today’s safety standards. If your manufacturing facility is operating with obsolete equipment, you’re not alone—a survey found that 52% of manufacturers surveyed rely on outdated equipment, while another 38% reported they rely on assets that may be broken or unusable.

If outdated, broken, or unusable assets plague your manufacturing facility, it could be time for new machines—but how do you know if a custom build is right for you?

If you’re considering a custom machine build at your manufacturing facility, consider these 6 questions to decide with confidence.

1. Is There an Existing Machine That Can Meet Your Needs?

Before making any decisions, gather as a team and review your options for new machinery. Is there a pre-existing machine that does the job you require, and is available for purchase “off the shelf?”

Custom machine builds are a great option for meeting specific job requirements, but only if other resources do not exist. You can save time and money by researching and making a smart investment.

2. When Was the Last Time Your Machines Were Upgraded?

Many manufacturers overlook the lifespan of their machinery. While well-built machines may run for decades, they may not be performing at today’s high machinery standards.

Old machinery could malfunction at any time, leading to costly downtime, missed production deadlines, and employee injury.

3. Do Your Machines Reach Optimum Output?

Could your machines be producing products at a higher volume? Gather your team to review output data. By producing at a higher volume, you increase profit margins and become more competitive.

Custom machines could be the key to drastically increasing product output and achieving these results.

4. Do You Frequently Spend Money on Machine Repairs?

Constant required repairs and maintenance costs add up quickly.

They can also cause production delays and slow processes. New, custom machinery will save time and money, as the risk of a malfunction or unexpected downtime decreases with updated technology.

5. Do Your Current Machines Have the Capacity to Produce a New Product?

A new product idea is always exciting, as it could improve revenue over time. However, pre-existing machines are often difficult to retrofit for new products. By implementing a custom machine build, new business opportunities await. Creating new products with a custom machine opens new doors, such as entering a new market, ultimately resulting in higher profits for your company.

6. Could Your Valuable Employees be Spending Time on Something More Fulfilling Than Operating Machines? 

Many manufacturing companies succeed because of their valued employees’ strong work ethic. However, are their efforts being wasted on tasks that could be automated?

Implementing new, custom machines could simplify daily processes and grant employees more time to work on something more fulfilling—and savvy manufacturers are recognizing these benefits. According to our recent survey, 47% of manufacturers report using automation to augment worker productivity, freeing up valued employees for other important tasks. With almost half of manufacturers surveyed already using automation, are you falling behind the competition?

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