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Regional Manufacturers Implement New Marketing & Technology to Improve Brand, Sales and Marketing

MAGNET’s Strategy, Marketing & Sales (SMS) team has been busy helping clients from all corners of our 24-county coverage area. From website development to long-term digital marketing strategy to updated sales methods, our SMS experts have given some of our regional manufacturers’ marketing efforts a boost that have produced real results.

Here is a look at a few projects we’ve recently completed.

Tusco Manufacturing    

This Tuscarawas County sheet metal fabricator and custom retail display manufacturer has been in business since 1949. While each of Tusco’s manufacturing specialties, which had individual websites, has a target market, they needed to be better defined, while the company needed a more unified profile.

After clarifying each of the specialties’ ideal audiences and markets, Tusco consolidated its separate websites into one rebranded version that offers new content and improves the user interface, both of which are designed to support search engine optimization. Particularly, the content was edited and included keyword research to ensure the site and its pages would rank high in Google searches.

Since the new site’s launch, traffic has increased with impressions over 1000% after six weeks and 600-plus clicks from organic search. Ultimately, this project provides Tusco a solid digital marketing strategy on which it could build a more purposeful, structured lead generation program.

Seraphina Safety

Trumbull County-based Seraphina manufactures flame-resistant base layers for women in the petrochemical, electrical, steel, welding, fire service, military and ballistics, and motorsports industries. The growing entrepreneur needed a functional website to use both as a critical sales tool for these products and to help establish the company’s brand identity.

Seraphina’s existing site was built on Shopify. While functional, MAGNET’s SMS team analysis for the project indicated and then provided the following services:

  • Changing to a WordPress site to:
    • Enhance the user experience
    • Add functionalities
    • Improve SEO
    • Harness opportunity to configure a brand ambassador and loyalty program
  • Writing new content for the site and social media including videos focused on general business commercial and a fire safety/burn demo
  • Creating a blog or whitepaper as an education content
  • Adding an online course to the site for lead generation purposes.

Ultimately, the goal was to enhance the company’s brand identity and assist with Google ranking of the website for search purposes. With the site nearly ready to launch, Seraphina has appreciated the expertise of MAGNET’s project team. The redesign and attention to detail has provided a more robust and streamlined website, improved user interface, consideration of both functional and terminology for SEO, and presence as a neutral third party who wants to give Seraphina the tools to grow.

Cooper Enterprises

This Richland County manufacturer of wood store fixtures, commercial casework, office furniture and industrial wood components engaged with MAGNET in 2022 for sales and marketing support. The company’s leadership team knew its business could benefit from formal sales coaching, training, targeted accounts lists, and a sales playbook and process. Further, without a digital marketing strategy for lead generation purposes, Cooper needed a 12-month strategy, which MAGNET designed and included:

  • Website updates and fresh content
  • Search engine optimization of the existing site and new pages
  • E-newsletters to engage clients and prospects
  • Social media posts
  • Pay-per-click campaigns to drive web traffic
  • Analytics reporting to track progress

Finally, MAGNET’s SMS team supported Cooper's new distribution network service offering launch by creating marketing materials including:

  • Gatefold brochure
  • Installation instruction manual and accompanying video, which required a full-day photo and video shoot

This project’s ultimate goal was to build and implement a solid foundational sales and marketing structure to move the organization toward a more purposeful, predictable and profitable model of acquiring and managing business. The outcome of implemented strategies includes increased traffic to the website thanks to the updated and new content, a renewed social media presence and ad campaigns that will continue to drive leads. The new marketing tools also set up Cooper for a successful launch.

HP Manufacturing

In 2022, HP Manufacturing connected with MAGNET for direction in creating a strategic plan using the Scaling Up methodology and a comprehensive marketing program for lead generation purposes.

HP, a Cleveland-based manufacturer of precision-machined, custom plastic components and displays for a variety of industries from medical devices to food processing to wind generation and power distribution since 1939, needed new digital content to cross utilize on different channels. This work coupled with website enhancements and a digital advertising campaign test and resulted in the company closing more than $100,000 in new contracts with additional leads in the sales pipeline.

Our SMS team’s work isn’t finished, as we will build on this new foundation with a six-month engagement more aggressively focused on content and a digital ad spend for lead generation.

Between our Scaling Up methodology, our in-house experts and the many marketing partners, manufacturers across the region are experiencing a boost in profit as a result of improved SMS. Connect with us today to learn how we can help your team.

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