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Mspire 2022 Crowns Winners, Awards Prizes

Our annual Mspire pitch competition is an inspiration in innovation and creativity every year. This week's iteration of the 7th annual event was no different. Innovative products, powerful presentations, generous judges and a perfectly planned day by our Director of New Ventures Andrea Navratil and New Ventures Startup Advisor Sarah Deutsch. 

Our lineup of companies pitching ideas includes:

CLEANR: Makes microplastic filters for washing machines, which are the single largest source of microplastic into the environment and our bodies. CLEANR engineers developed a biomimicry-inspired, market leading design to eliminate this source of pollution and meet the pending legislation requiring these filters on all newly produced machines.

Bailout Systems: Offer innovative hands-free descent technology to industries that need better solutions, ultimately saving lives.


HDO Health: Makes medical devices that help prevent people from bleeding to death. We are a heart-led, data-driven, outcome-focused company that exists to help save lives.


Climba Board: The lightest climbing wall that makes adventure convenient.


Epiphany: aims to be America’s, and eventually the world’s, go-to towel cleanliness solution and pioneer a new age of consumer goods through an innovative spray that kills germs.


Onedrus: Designs an air filtration device for commercial building applications. Their scroll filter technology allows their unit to remotely index dirty filter media for clean material. Reducing the number of physical servicing required annually, saving customers time and money. Onedrus can be retrofitted to existing HVAC systems or built directly into new air handlers.


SKULD LLC: Created a new hybrid process additive manufacturing evaporative casting, which merges 3D printing with lost foam casting to obtain the benefits of both. Additional capabilities include standard lost foam casting, steel lost foam casting, a novel light weighting alloy and a patented abrasion resistant material.


Seraphina Safety Apparel & Manufacturing: Designs and manufacturers flame resistant base layer clothing for women working in industrial occupations and motorsports.


Clean Earth Rovers: Solves pollution in coastal waterways by providing "Roombas" to coastal businesses, such as marinas and harbors. These devices autonomously skim for manmade pollutants in marina facilities and alert dock crews when it is full. It simultaneously reports water quality data to users so they are aware of any nutrient or public health and safety threats. This helps coastal businesses keep customers safe, maximize workflow efficiencies and create a sustainable reputation.


While all ideas were incredible, we ultimately had to choose and award our winners, which included:

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