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Lighthouse Tour: Rimeco, Inc.

Rimeco Products, Inc. President John Ribic, Jr. welcomed guests for MAGNET’s October Lighthouse Tour to experience firsthand how automation has assisted their workflow.

Founded in 1992 by Ribic’s father and uncle, Rimeco is a certified contract manufacturer specializing in CNC (computerized numerical control) machining that serves the aerospace and defense industries. The company is well-known for The Kwik-Clamp, a patented workholding device that can vastly increase profits through shorter lead times, lower prices and excellent quality.

In 2017, Rimeco began their automation journey with the purchase of a universal robot that was safe for use on the shop floor among other workers. The goal at that time was to automate the tending of their machines. Through their experience, they then developed the next goal: to run ten fixtures without operator intervention. MAGNET collaborated with Rimeco on this goal, and in the end they were able to run an automated machine for 3 hours without operator intervention. In today’s landscape where workforce shortages are a reality, automation such as this helps cover the gaps and provide production continuity.

Rimeco learned a few lessons along the way. First, it is essential to have an employee who will champion and manage automation for your company. Second, the more complex the process, the longer it takes to set it up. And finally, it’s important to look at the modification of the process for automation, rather than automating the existing process.

As automation changes, Rimeco will ride the wave of technology, and will research the purchasing of machines with automation built-in or ready for automation, rather than automation as a modification.

Thank you, Rimeco, for the insightful tour and to Bank of America for sponsoring this Lighthouse Tour!



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