MAGNET partners with funders committed to shaping tomorrow's manufacturing economy.

Through manufacturing innovation and job creation, we are revitalizing Cleveland and Northeast Ohio communities.

In the last five years, MAGNET has helped manufacturers create or retain over 3,300 jobs and generate over $270 million in additional revenue. We believe a healthy manufacturing base will help create more prosperity in Northeast Ohio—and we’re not the only ones.

Government and philanthropy believe in a healthy manufacturing base.

Private philanthropies and company support are essential to the MAGNET’s continued impact on the region, as they too ensure financial resources are not a barrier for businesses seeking our services and that MAGNET itself is able to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of manufacturers. Thanks to all who share their energy, resources and financial support to help MAGNET create a thriving Northeast Ohio manufacturing industry.

Major initiatives supported through private philanthropies like the Cleveland Foundation and the Fund for Our Economic Future include:

Growth Services — MAGNET focuses on partnerships and innovation to help manufacturers benefit not just from a few specific services, but from a broad suite of holistic services that will help them grow in a long-term, sustainable way. Investments like this make sure that MAGNET can serve manufacturers in ways that they need to be served today, not yesterday.

The Early College, Early Career Program Our pioneering workforce program aimed at adapting European-style apprenticeships to Ohio’s high schools would not have happened without meaningful philanthropic support. Investments like these push the envelope on how our entire economy recruits talent, engages students in STEM education, and leverages its academic and company resources to overcome real barriers such as transportation, urban student graduation, and the extreme need for the next generation of manufacturing workforce.

Together, we are creating a thriving manufacturing economy in Northeast Ohio.


Leadership Funders

Our Leadership Funders include top organizations with global impact.

Governmental Supporters

MAGNET is supported by government organizations critical to our region’s continued success.

Supporting Funders

MAGNET Supporting Funders include leading regional, national and international organizations.

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