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Manufacturer Uses Kaizen Events Results to Improve Output Without Adding Labor

Parkman, Ohio manufacturer Montville Plastics and Rubber has been a custom plastic extruder and injection molder for 40 years – since it was established in 1977. What started in a small garage in Cleveland has transformed into committed family business spanning more than 100,000 square feet of space.

While Montville is known to take on custom products (in fact, it has created more than 2,200 custom dies since opening), the manufacturer also produces well known commercial/residential products. Our Operations Excellence team recently worked with Montville to improve production efficiency resulting in greater competitiveness of one of their seasonal residential products.

MAGNET conducted a variety of time studies and Kaizen Events that directly improved the cycle time of a continuous manufacturing plastic injection molding line. Once opportunities were exposed, verified and quantified, Montville was able to implement changes through their own technical expertise and improve the overall output by 33% -- all without the addition of any labor. Moreover, MAGNET aided the flow of information from the time studies and Kaizen Events to the shop floor to encourage adoption through training of operations in the methods used to root out the improvements.

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