The future of manufacturing is
Leadership Technology Innovation Startups Talent Growth
The future of manufacturing is
Leadership Technology Innovation Startups Talent Growth

At MAGNET, we put our manufacturing expertise to work for our clients and community in Northeast Ohio. From operational excellence and automation solutions to product development and workforce innovation, our engineers, consultants, and technologists help build strong manufacturers and create a vibrant economy.

See how Ohio manufacturers are pivoting production to save lives during the pandemic.

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The Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio can help us lead the world in smart manufacturing.

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Growth Services

You need to grow. But how?

Our manufacturing experts and partners help you achieve excellence in products and process in every part of your business, from ideas to market-leading products. We've helped thousands of companies grow revenue, launch products, and strengthen their workforces. 

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Designed for physical product entrepreneurs.

MAGNET helps startups get more focused, efficient and resilient. We can help you: build a working prototype, construct a persuasive pitch, create a data-driven financial model, develop a manufacturing process, or design a go-to-market plan.

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Find and keep a highly skilled workforce. 

Early College, Early Career is an innovative approach to workforce development through youth apprenticeship and the Manufacturing Sector Partnerships brings manufacturers together to solve Cuyahoga’s workforce challenges.

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For more than 30 years, MAGNET has been driving Northeast Ohio's manufacturing growth by supporting small- and mid-sized manufacturers. We roll up our sleeves to provide hands-on support with business consulting, new product design, operations excellence, and workforce innovation, bringing industry, education, and community leaders together to create tomorrow’s manufacturers.

Meet The Team

As President and CEO of MAGNET, Ethan Karp brings his wide range of experiences to drive economic prosperity in Northeast Ohio through innovation and invention. 
Ethan Karp
President and CEO
Michael O’Donnell has more than 30 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing consulting. Since joining MAGNET in 2000, he has helped companies with lean, operations, and product development challenges.
Michael O'Donnell
Vice President, Operations
Over the past 16 years, Matt has developed outstanding skills in both the private sector and nonprofit industry, growing organizations through innovative and engaging marketing, sales, and fundraising campaigns. 
Matthew Fieldman
Vice President, External Affairs
As the VP of MAGNET’s Startup Services division – the Iterator Brandon Cornuke leads the company’s efforts to help innovators turn manufactured product ideas into growing businesses. 
Brandon Cornuke
Vice President, Startup Services
As the Executive Director of MAGNET’s Early College, Early Career (ECEC) program, Autumn Russell facilitates collaboration between manufacturers, local school districts, and community colleges to grow the manufacturing workforce and create career pathways for Northeast Ohio high school students. 
Autumn Russell
Executive Director, ECEC Program
Mike Pintz is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with MAGNET and is responsible for the technical quality of work delivered by the engineering team. With more than 25 years of engineering experience with MAGNET, Mike has been responsible for the design & management of numerous projects from prototype development, into production. 
Mike Pintz
Director, Engineering Services
Adam Snyder joined MAGNET early in 2019 to lead the Manufacturing Sector Partnership for Cuyahoga County. Adam came to the team from his role as President of Artwall, a local manufacturer of art for major eCommerce retailers. 
Adam Snyder
Managing Partner, Sector Partnership
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Ohio's rank in the nation for manufacturing employment
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Additional jobs that are created by each manufacturing job
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Of Northeast Ohio’s top employers are manufacturers
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In Ohio, the number of jobs manufacturing is responsible for

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