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6 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business

November 07, 2016 by Liz Fox

Manufacturing has always been at the forefront of change and innovation, notably in creating and implementing new measures to better serve the needs of the company and its customer base. But the rapid pace of technological growth – paired with reluctance to invest in new and/or unexplored systems – has left small and mid-size businesses struggling to keep up in an increasingly connected world. However, digital marketing services can be utilized for different purposes in different industries with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue and establishing credibility. The following reasons not only address the numerous benefits of incorporating digital marketing in your overall strategy, but also how different techniques can grow your business sooner rather than later. Lead delivery and conversion – Lead scoring empowers companies to better track how customers are finding them. By using a marketing automation platform in conjunction with a CRM, manufacturers can easily monitor how incoming traffic gets converted to leads, followers, subscribers, and/or closed sales. Reduced marketing costs – Traditional media like print, radio, and television harbor high rates, and are in some cases ineffective at getting to your target market. Digital marketing not only touches a wider range of clients, but also bears

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Celebrating Manufacturers in Northeast Ohio: NEOMakesThat

August 28, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

    To mark Manufacturing Month this October, and in the run-up to the 2015 [M]Power Manufacturing Assembly on September 30th in Akron, MAGNET is introducing the #NEOMakesThat hashtag. The goal is to spotlight and celebrate the rise of Northeast Ohio manufacturing on Twitter for all to see, thus changing the national perception of our region and fighting misconceptions about manufacturing. The 60 Tweets in 60 Days campaign will run through September and October, and we’ll be celebrating and highlighting manufacturers in the Northeast Ohio region, along with the products they make. From household names like Sherwin-Williams and Chevrolet, to hidden treasures like Cleveland Whiskey, Reel Grip, and Myers Motors, we will be giving shoutouts via Twitter and other social media channels. "Northeast Ohio has a rich manufacturing history," said Ethan Karp, President and CEO of MAGNET. "Some companies, like Wooster Brush, have been making products in the region for 150 years, while others are much more recent additions to our proud roster of local makers." Also as part of the kick off to Ohio Manufacturing Month, MAGNET has partnered again with Crain’s Cleveland Business to present the [M]Power Manufacturing Assembly. This, the second year of the event, takes place

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Master Manufacturing Marketing at the MAGNET//Fathom Workshop

June 30, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

MAGNET is is dedicated to the growth of manufacturers in the Northeast Ohio region. Fathom Digital Marketing provides manufacturing marketing expertise, specializing in revenue growth. On July 16th, these two local manufacturing juggernauts will combine powers—to your benefit—in a digital marketing workshop focused on manufacturing marketing. Together, MAGNET and Fathom offer manufacturers the opportunity to access unbounded growth through digital marketing. The July 16th workshop, titled "How Modern Manufacturers are Leveraging Digital Marketing to Grow Their Businesses," aims to get manufacturers up to speed on digital marketing trends. Plus, Google will be there. That’s right- Google, the search engine giant that is largely responsible for making or breaking your digital presence, will be available to personally advise your manufacturing marketing. Google presenters at this workshop will be highlighting the digital trends that are most important for your company. They’ll cover the best ways to use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, which are hot topics for manufacturers. Google representatives will specifically cover when and how manufacturers should use these marketing tactics. The workshop itinerary is based on targeted manufacturing marketing data, to address the most pressing topics for manufacturers. In fact, each of the presentations and

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My Favorite Content Creation Tools for OEM Marketing

April 14, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

My Favorite Content Creation Tools for OEM Marketing Content creation is one of many manufacturing marketing trends. However, unlike most trends, content marketing is here to stay. Every industry has difficulty meeting the fast-paced needs of content production. Plus, many companies are doing this with internal marketing initiatives, as well as employees who are not trained writers. Unfortunately, manufacturing marketing suffers from these issues ten times as much as an average company. The reason why—OEM marketing has a self-confidence issue. The belief that manufacturers cannot create engaging content has held steady in the past two annual Manufacturing Marketing Reports conducted by the Content Marketing Institute. Get over your fear of content with these helpful content creation tools, which will stimulate your OEM marketing content program. 1.     BuzzSumo Thanks to BuzzSumo, finding popular, successful content is incredibly easy. This content creation tool has both a free version and a paid version. With the free version, you can submit a topic you’re interested in and see the top ten pieces of content on this topic. It also lets you see how much this piece of content is shared, who shared it, what social channels it’s most popular on, and more. The

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Breaking Down the CMI Manufacturing Content Marketing Report

March 19, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Manufacturing is unique. So, it makes sense that manufacturers have content marketing practices that set them apart from other industries. Even within the general B2B category, manufacturers tend to employ different tactics. The Content Marketing Institute recently released its annual B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Report, which was sponsored by Fathom Digital Marketing in Valley View, OH. The report corroborates the idea that manufacturing marketing differs from the marketing tactics of its B2B counterparts. The question it poses is this—which variations from the norm are warranted and which are detrimental? Some of the more innocuous differences the report found include an emphasis on YouTube and LinkedIn, higher use of videos as a content medium, and brand awareness as a top goal of content marketing efforts. But, lower perceived effectiveness, a lack of strategy, and an overall disconnect between tactics and results are harming manufacturers’ marketing initiatives. In fact, as shown in the table below, industrial marketing is almost uniformly underperforming when compared to the general B2B results. Some other influential findings from the report include: 1.    82% of manufacturing marketers use content marketing 2.    Only 26% of those using content marketing feel its effective 3.    Of those with perceived effective content marketing, 53%

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Why Twitter is Essential to Your Industrial Marketing

March 03, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Twitter is a popular and influential social media channel for the media industry and popular political figures. It offers benefits to all industries, though—even manufacturing. If you’re not on Twitter yet, read the four reasons below and find out how it will amplify your digital marketing. 1.    Humanizing Your Brand Truthfully, this is a huge advantage of all social media channels. It is especially true for Twitter, though. Twitter allows for regular updates, conversational language, and direct interaction with your audience. More than any other channel, Twitter gives you the opportunity to see what your audience (and ideal customers) are talking about on a regular basis. With this, you can learn how to best relate to them. Manufacturing marketing often suffers from both outdated brands and lagging social media practices—an active and well-run Twitter profile solves both of these issues. 2.    Keeping Your Fingers on the Pulse of Industry News In keeping with the above point, you also have access to the most rapidly updated source of industry news with Twitter. By following the top industry leaders and knowing which hashtags to track, you’ll never fall behind on important news. With this kind of real time access to the top news, you’ll always be

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Know the Basics: Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

February 17, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Manufacturing marketing has been known to lag  behind B2C marketing. But, some research suggests that even when compared to other B2B marketers, manufacturers are still less advanced. Catching up to the more advanced digital marketing trends is vital to success. But, before manufacturers can catch up they must get to know the basics of digital marketing. Read the follow steps to make sure your manufacturing marketing gets on the right track for success. 1.    Revamp your website Your website is ultimately where you want all of your digital customers to end up. So, updating your site is naturally the first step to an increased digital presence. Having an easily navigated site with relevant information is directly tied to capturing leads. Plus, Google no longer only takes keywords into account when ranking websites. A well-designed and streamlined website can actually help your search engine rankings. 2.    Provide links in all of your offsite content It is surprising how often this crucial step is missed. When writing and promoting content, the end goal is to drive readers back to your site. It is true that your content should be unselfish and informative—but, it is still important to remind readers where they content

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What Social Media Mistakes Are You Making?

January 19, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Not all manufacturers have gotten involved in social media marketing. As social media becomes more important for company growth and industry leadership, though, it is imperative that manufacturing marketing catches up. Do a gut check of your social media activity with the following social media mistakes you may not realize you’re making: #1. Not being on social media Whether your manufacturing company does not have social media profiles or it does not use the ones it does have, this is the greatest social media mistake. A strong social presence is important to the success of every company, no matter its industry. Social media is an ideal place to meet your audience where they are at and provide helpful information. YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the best places to start for manufacturing marketing. But, don’t underestimate the potential of more niche options such as Pinterest and Instagram, especially if your products are visually pleasing. #2. Talking at your audience, not with your audience You should be making conversation on each of your social profiles. Though your intended customers may be on social media, they’re likely not there to see sales pitch-type content on their newsfeed. This is not the type of

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Digital vs. Traditional Ads: Where Manufacturers Should Focus

January 06, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Using your advertising budget well can make or break your 2015 marketing efforts. Deciding whether or not to focus on traditional advertisement or digital advertisement can be confusing. Recent studies show that both still hold value. But, overall digital ads seem to be taking the lead despite mixed results. A recent Adroit Digital polling showed that 36% of millennial smartphone users felt that digital ads are more effective than traditional advertising. On the other hand, 28% of millennials felt the advertising types were equal. These close percentages shows mixed feelings about the competition between traditional and digital advertising. Of course, the effectiveness of different kinds of advertising depends heavily on your target audience. If millennials are not your target audience, perhaps your advertising efforts will see a different result. Additionally, further research from the poll indicates that digital advertising is more effective, despite how millennials may feel about it. The Adroit Digital polling showed that television ads were the only form of traditional advertising that actually beat digital ads in effectiveness. There are many factors that contribute to TV advertising effectiveness. TV ads are often visually catchy but normally do not instigate a purchase. Plus, the audience may be forced

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2015 Digital Marketing Trends for Manufacturers

December 16, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

It’s that time of year again … Time to set your marketing budget for 2015. Before you make any budgetary decisions – Should you spend more this year on digital marketing? Do you focus in organic SEO or social media marketing? What about lead nurturing? And what’s all this buzz around Content Marketing? Want to know what marketers in Manufacturing should consider for 2015? Download the full PDF here.

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