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MAGNET Announces 2021 Mspire Competition Winners

On October 20, 2021, 12 entrepreneurs presented their business pitches to a virtual panel of more than 15 experts and judges in an effort to secure an award from MAGNET’s Mspire competition. This group of final presenters was narrowed down from a competitive field of 45 applicants and 18 semifinalists.

“If the quality of applicants is any indication, entrepreneurs have been using the pandemic wisely,” said Alec Simon, Director of Startup Services at MAGNET. “We were overwhelmed by the ideas and products presented at Mspire and are tremendously excited to work with many of the applicants, regardless of whether they won.”

Mspire is Northeast Ohio's only pitch challenge exclusively for manufacturing-focused entrepreneurs. Designers, innovators and inventors who offer products and ideas that can advance the manufacturing industry or create a physical product that requires manufacturing are invited to apply. The competition is held every year, with submissions accepted in late summer and judging in early fall. The variety of prizes awarded are customized to meet the needs of the entrepreneurs, the same way MAGNET’s startup services adapt to assist clients.

This year’s winners and their corresponding prizes include:

  • MSTATT designed an innovative otoscope to identify fluid in children’s ears, which can lead to a better, quicker diagnosis of ear problems and therefore prevent pediatric hearing loss: $10,000 in engineering consultation services
  • Corrolytics offers a test kit that quickly identifies the presence of microbial corrosion in pipelines, potentially preventing costly and damaging oil and gas spills: $10,000 in engineering consultation services
  • Coco’s Chalky Paint additives make any paint chalk paint, which eases furniture and cabinet painting because of the significantly less sanding and preparation required: $10,000 in supply chain consultation services
  • Nelderm created a multi-layered memory foam device that comfortably elevates patients’ heels to mitigate ulcers: $10,000 in manufacturing operational planning consultation services
  • Courtesy Cups created a convenient and discrete way to disinfect menstrual cups on the go, without the need for electricity or batteries: Marketing Assessment through Tenlo
  • RooSense: SweatID measures an athlete’s sodium level, ensuring proper hydration: Booth at the 2021 Manufacturing & Technology Show
  • Czar Power developed a power electronics systems that supports the deployment of smart grid technologies: Booth at the 2021 Manufacturing & Technology Show

The State of Ohio’s Entrepreneurial Service Program and the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership support Mspire. For more information about MAGNET’s Startup Services, contact Alec Simon at

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