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Top 10 Sited Safety and Health Violations

first-aid-1732523_640One remarkable thing about the list is that it rarely changes.  The order may change but the top cited standards typically don’t change.

Top 10 Sited Safety and Health Violations:

  1. 501 - Fall Protection
  2. 1200 - Hazard Communication
  3. 451 - Scaffolding
  4. 134 - Respiratory Protection
  5. 147 - Lockout/Tagout
  6. 178 - Powered Industrial Trucks
  7. 1053 - Ladders
  8. 305 - Electrical, Wiring Methods
  9. 212 - Machine Guarding
  10. 303 - Electrical, General Requirements

Three of the 10 sited standards are directed at the construction standard (1926) while other fall within the general industry (1910).  It should be noted however that the general industry standard also has fall protection guidelines.

Year after year, inspectors see the same on-the-job hazards, any one of which could result in a fatality or severe injury. More than 4,500 workers are killed on the job every year, and approximately 3 million are injured.

By understanding these regulations you can improve your safety program and prevent injuries.

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