Prepare your company for the future of manufacturing.

MAGNET's cybersecurity services help manufacturers prevent revenue loss from cyber attacks and prepare for future technology.

Think you don’t need to worry about cybersecurity because you’re a manufacturer? Think again.

According to the Chubb Cyber Index, cyber incidents for manufacturers are up 3700% since 2009. Ten years ago, cyber incidents came from lost devices, misconfiguration and programming errors. Today, they come in the form of hacking, phishing, and malware, and the perpetrators are just getting smarter. 

The damage done from cyberattacks is often catastrophic. They cause a 14% loss of revenue on average for manufacturers. They destroy or damage equipment. And they put lives at risk.

The problem is that many manufacturers don't see themselves as targets. So when attacks happen, they're completely unprepared and undefended.

MAGNET's cybersecurity experts are here to help.

As part of MAGNET’s Growth Services, we offer formal cybersecurity threat assessments. We use state-of-the-art hacking techniques to identify your vulnerabilities. We then give you specific recommendations to keep your company safe from hackers.

It's all done by our cybersecurity experts and our deep network of partners. This arms your business with expertise and tools that are out of reach for many companies. As a result, you're prepared for cyberattacks on your company's key infrastructure.

It's just one more way MAGNET grows our region, its people and your company.

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Grow your company with advanced technology.

Cyber presents real threats and challenges to your manufacturing company. But it also offers significant opportunities to grow.

MAGNET’s growth experts can help your business, no matter its size, take advantage of the cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping manufacturing. Because make no mistake: modern manufacturing is becoming more computerized and digitized than ever.

Leading manufacturers use data to inform strategic business and product decisions. They use connected plant equipment, devices and processes to capture productivity gains. And they experiment and implement advanced technologies so they don’t get left behind.

MAGNET is here to grow your business in the present and in the future. We have access to leading technology and implementation expertise to help you test and integrate new technologies into your product development and processes. Our expert partner network brings specialists in the Internet of Things, big data, and automation and artificial intelligence to bear on your business challenges.

The result? You learn the best practices for tech innovation in the marketplace and identify what process / product / talent shifts to make to future-proof your company.

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