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Work With MAGNET's Growth Experts and Receive Experienced and Practical Guidance and Support to Advance Your Manufacturing Business to New Heights

Growing a manufacturing company can be tough. Roadblocks routinely get in the way. Even growth-oriented businesses can hit a ceiling and frequently find themselves limited in what they can do on their own.

Oftentimes, a management team's inability to drive growth or execute on priorities can be attributed to:

  • The absence of a carefully formulated strategic plan and associated tactics
  • An untrained sales staff, ineffective sales tools, and little-to-no marketing support
  • Inefficient operating practices and undisciplined processes on the factory floor
  • Insufficient technical and engineering staff
  • A lack of focus on product and process innovation to gain competitive advantage

MAGNET helps you achieve product and process excellence in every part of your business. We're ready to address your business needs, whether they relate to improving your sales and marketing activities or strengthening your operating practices and manufacturing processes. Our growth advisors work hand-in-hand with your organization to get you on a path of improved competitiveness, growth, and profitability.

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Our Growth Services

For more than 35 years, we've helped Northeast Ohio's manufacturing businesses compete both locally and on a global scale. Our diverse industry and market knowledge, coupled with wide-ranging skills in product and process engineering, advanced manufacturing, operations, strategy, sales and marketing, cybersecurity, and other related areas make MAGNET truly unique.
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We provide a wide range of consulting services aimed at helping you transform your organization into an innovative, high-performing, market-driven, and cost-effective operation.

Here’s how MAGNET supports you:

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Strategy, Marketing, & Sales

Our approach and portfolio of customizable solutions will get your business focused in the right direction and help you attract and win over customers by enhancing the effectiveness of your sales and marketing activities.

Here’s how MAGNET supports you:


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Technical & Engineering

Our experts work closely with your team to develop, prototype, and launch new products, as well as design and build machines for new products and to improve productivity and quality.

Here’s how MAGNET supports you:

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MAGNET has more than 35 years of experience helping manufacturers just like you grow your company, launch new ideas, and strengthen your workforce. Our team of experts in engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and other functional areas is backed by a vast network of highly qualified service partners, vendors, universities, and like-minded economic development organizations.

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“We faced many different challenges, from operational and systemic problems within our manufacturing processes to turnover issues with employees. I initially thought a consultant would come in and use a lot of data to drive results. But MAGNET came in, sat with me and my team, and asked a series of simple, engaging questions to understand our business. [They] worked with me to figure out problems ranging from employee retention to financial impact to plant floor metrics. It’s really refreshing to work with someone like that.”


— Larry Fulton, CEO, LEFCO Worthington