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Get Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Ready

End-to-end CMMC Readiness Program: From Education to Compliance Readiness

MAGNET has established a partnership with a cybersecurity tech leader, Ignyte Platform, to train and prepare its members for a full  circle CMMC adaptation. For starters, this program encourages all Northeast Ohio manufacturers to take virtual educational courses at Ignyte Institute as a first step to establishing a CMMC pathway to achieve your desired level of cybersecurity maturity and succeed as a Department of Defense (DoD) prime or subcontractor.


CMMC Educational Courses

Acquire the necessary knowledge to mobilize your cybersecurity efforts. In partnership with Ignyte Institute, we offer two educational courses on demand, designed to shed light on these emerging cybersecurity standards and move your company toward DFARS and CMMC compliance using NIST 800-171 guidance.


Manufacturing Specific Implementation

Benefit from this DoD approved method developed specifically with the Supply Management Branch (SMB) in mind. The strategic partnership between Ignyte Assurance Platform and MAGNET will lead you through the cybersecurity gap analysis and simplify the overall CMMC compliance process.

CMMC as a minimal DoD Requirement

In order to continue working with DoD or bid on new projects, your business has to comply with the new cybersecurity standards corresponding to the right CMMC requirements from Level 1 to Level 5. Start the conversation with us to find out what level is appropriate for your business and what it takes to get there.

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DoD Approved CMMC Certification Technology

Ignyte's readiness solution efficiently manages CMMC & DFARs compliance & risk mitigation requirements and communication challenges between stakeholders through workflow automation, predictive data insights and automated monitoring.

Readiness software means applying a structured approach to mitigating risk by assessing the technical impact on business.

> Cost-effective
> Assessor & 3PAO friendly
> Implementer ready
> Prime & sub-contractor preferred platform

“The biggest challenge, we‘ve observed through our experience with defense manufacturers, is being inundated with legacy systems, spreadsheets, and manual processes. This program, in cooperation with MAGNET, undoubtedly will bring value to the local businesses operating as a part of DoD supply-chain. Advancing the conversation from IT to business-level risk management will make compliance against CMMC much easier."

- Max Aulakh, Founder & CEO, Ignyte Institute

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