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Cybersecurity should be as important to manufacturers as having locks on a building. Manufacturers of all sizes are losing millions as hackers shut down their plants and hold them for ransom.

Nothing is scarier than a robber who you can’t see. One who is actively trying to get your money and sensitive data and succeeding—all without your knowledge. We hear the stories of manufacturers who think they're protected from a shut down, redirected money, or stolen information. The bad news? It's difficult to tell when you truly have a world-class system for cybersecurity vs. something that looks "good" without real protection.

MAGNET's cybersecurity experts are here to help you get protected with:



Threat Assessments

MAGNET conducts cybersecurity threat assessments. We use state-of-the-art hacking techniques to identify your vulnerabilities, and then provide you with recommendations to keep your company safe and secure. 


Secure Data

Leading manufacturers use data to inform strategic business and product decisions. MAGNET's cybersecurity experts work with you to pinpoint holes in your data security across connected machines and more.



Cyber presents challenges and threats, but also growth opportunities. MAGNET’s growth experts can help your business take advantage of the cutting-edge technologies that are reshaping manufacturing—securely.

Don't wait until cybersecurity is a requirement—or worse, an attack.

The reality of cybersecurity is that it isn’t static. The Department of Defense requires high cybersecurity standards for all their vendors. The dream of “hardening” your systems is only good until a break in a firewall or encryption comes along. Cybersecurity is often hand-to-hand combat, maneuvering as each hacker deploys new tools. You need to have a vendor partner who is as good as the hackers. We're here to help you find that partner.

MAGNET has access to a national network of partners that perform formal threat assessments, provide recommendations to lower risks, and give you peace of mind that you have secured IT.

Invest in your own protection now and make it a competitive advantage in the future.

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"Eagle Elastomer Inc. just completed a cyber assessment coordinated through MAGNET. They did a very good job. This assessment opened our eyes to deficiencies in our process and provided a thorough action plan which was easy to understand. Thank you to the MAGNET team for the support!" 

— Regan McHale, President, Eagle Elastomer Inc.


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