Take Action for Northeast Ohio Manufacturing

The Blueprint is more than a vision for the future of manufacturing — it’s about making life better for everyone in Northeast Ohio. To get there, we all need to do the work. Read our top ideas for taking action today: 

What the Future Can Look Like

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If Northeast Ohio leads the world in smart manufacturing, our talent shortage will become a talent influx. We can adopt Industry 4.0 faster than our competition — giving us huge productivity, quality, and lead time advantages. Northeast Ohio will be the first choice for manufacturing startups and have one of the highest rates of R&D in the country. We’ll become a hotbed for investment. 

Those are only a few of the targets laid out in the Blueprint and powered by partnership — companies and communities.

How You Can Bring the Blueprint to Life

4 ways to help Northeast Ohio lead the way and lead the world in smart manufacturing.

What Our Future Can Look Like

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    Share the Blueprint across the region
    • Help us win hearts and minds and galvanize our community toward action.

    • Visit MAGNET’s TwitterLinkedIn, and YouTube to find content you can share, or use the images and videos in the Blueprint Toolkit below. Don’t forget to tag us: #MakeItBetterOhio!


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    Join us as a Blueprint Champion
    • Align your messaging and actions around the four key themes of Talent, Transformation, Innovation, and Leadership.

    • Help foster collective action and build a unified vision of the journey and destination ahead.


  • three factory workers looking at a tablet and smiling


    Actively work to tie together existing and future manufacturing initiatives
    • Use the Blueprint as a forcing function to link initiatives, connect the dots on funding, reduce duplication and waste, coordinate messaging, and push collective progress in the same direction.

    • Connect through the Smart Manufacturing Cluster, MAGNET, or other resources.

  • mature engineer and apprentice measuring components


    Set collective targets for success
    • Set individual and company goals to align with and enhance Blueprint targets.

    • Report results through the annual Ohio Manufacturing Survey and other data collection opportunities.

Highlights From Our Bold Vision

Here’s just some of what Northeast Ohio can achieve in Talent, Transformation, Innovation, and Leadership if we all do our part. First action you can take: Download the Blueprint and read the full plan. 



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additional manufacturing jobs filled by women and people of color
robot machine icon


of manufacturers piloting advanced manufacturing technologies
leadership icon


the number of manufacturing-related startups receiving external funding
transition icon


invested in support of diverse ownership transitions


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of manufacturing jobs filled upon demand
touch display


new advanced manufacturing jobs created
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increase in manufacturing-related GRP growth (above national average)
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Manufacturing employment equals the diversity of the population

Spread the Word ?!

Our challenge is clear: We need to stand up and use our individual and collective leadership influence to make manufacturing and our community better. Ready to bring the Blueprint to life? Sign up below to get started.

Bring the Blueprint to Life


4 Keys to Unlock the Future

Northeast Ohio needs massive systemic change in four areas: talent, transformation, innovation, and leadership.


Building the Workforce We Need To Win in the Future, Today

As we know all too well, the manufacturing industry has a serious image problem. Perception isn’t keeping up with the STEM reality of smart manufacturing jobs. Old myths that the jobs are “dark, dirty, and dangerous” persist. Plagued by memories of mass layoffs others see manufacturing as unstable. Neither of these are true. But these misconceptions mean not enough students are choosing manufacturing.


Using Industry 4.0 Technologies to Unlock Advantage

Technology is to smart manufacturing what coal was to the original steel mills. It fuels modern production, and we can’t win without it. Hidden behind factory walls the fourth wave of the industrial revolution is completely changing the way we make things and what we make. Industry 4.0 is all things digital, automated, and connected: cobots, robots, the Internet of Things (IoT), automation, artificial intelligence, big data, and more.


New Products, New Services, and New Ways of Working

The future is not incremental. It’s innovation. It’s invention. It’s using technology to make new ideas come to life. It’s relentlessly looking at your products, services, and ways of working and seeking to make them better. That’s where the opportunities lie. Manufacturing growth will only come through innovation. Without it, the industry will inevitably shrink.


Boldly Leading Our Companies and Region

We need bold leadership at every level to lead the world in smart manufacturing. Like the leadership of LeBron James when he and the Cavaliers ended a 52-year sporting drought by winning the NBA Championship. James motivated his team to one of the most incredible comebacks in sport history to win it all, down to the wire, in game 7.

Hear From People Whose Lives Have Been Changed by Manufacturing

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The Make It Better movement was ignited by MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network, as part of our work to grow the manufacturing industry in Northeast Ohio and bring prosperity to our region. We’re a non-profit on a mission to help companies transform to make the future better. Follow MAGNET on Twitter and LinkedIn.