Introducing… Careers in Manufacturing

Welcome to the Cuyahoga County Manufacturing Career Exploration website. Take some time on this site to learn about manufacturing and see whether these well-paying jobs are a fit for your strengths, experience, and ambitions. Then let’s talk!

Ohio Manufacturing Pride

Here are a couple videos to help show you why manufacturers are so proud! They are making things people need, taking care of their employees, and enjoying their essential roles!



Ohio Makes PPE

Over 2000 manufacturers in Ohio repurposed their equipment and processes in 2020 to make personal protective equipment for hospitals, first responders, and others.



Great Local Manufacturer

Elsons International, right here in the Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland, shows how their team worked safely and diligently to make essential products for their customers, all while keeping their employees safe.



Creators Respond!

The National Association of Manufacturers celebrates how the manufacturing community has responded to the needs of their employees, communities, and the nation.



Creators Wanted!

There are many jobs, career paths, and opportunities in manufacturing. From NAM, see many of these opportunities and how you might fit.

What is Manufacturing?

It’s hard to understand how a manufacturing job might be a good fit for you without understanding what happens in a manufacturing facility. Check out these videos to learn more.

When you think of manufacturing, what comes to mind? Watch this video to learn how raw materials are turned into finished goods.

Why are advanced manufacturing skills so important? Watch this video to find out.

What do manufacturing employees do?

Starting your Career in Manufacturing

If you want to start a career where you can be part of a team, where you use your hands and your mind, and where you can walk away each day with a pride that you made something that you can touch, then manufacturing may be for you. Watch these videos to learn more about what people who work in manufacturing do on a daily basis and learn what attracted some people to manufacturing careers.

This sounds great, let's talk!

Manufacturing Jobs


  • Machining

    As one of the most in-demand jobs in Ohio, check out what Machinists do.

  • Welding

    Welders get to create and fabricate all sorts of metal parts and structures.

  • Industrial Maintenance

    Problem solving and supporting amazing equipment and tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need extensive training to get a job in manufacturing?
There are many training and education programs in Cuyahoga County that can prepare you for jobs like Machining, Welding, Industrial Maintenance, and more. Training could be anywhere from 1 month to 4 years, depending on what you want to do, your experience, and your skills.
How much money can I make in a manufacturing career?
Starting wages for a trained machinist or welder can range from $15 per hour to $25 per hour. Many manufacturers also have opportunities for overtime, as well.
What do benefits look like if I work in manufacturing?
Most manufacturers have very good medical and dental insurance programs. Many also have retirement savings plans, different shift schedules, and even tuition reimbursement and paid training to be able to continue your learning and earn even higher wages!
Is it easy to get a job in manufacturing?
For many, your past work experience in restaurants, retail, and other jobs helps! Manufacturers are looking for hard workers that are eager to learn and be a part of a team. Fill out the form on this page, and we will help you navigate to the right training and/or job for you!

Let’s Get You Connected With a Navigator

We have trained people standing by, waiting! Our navigators will help you figure out what you want to do, get connected with training if you need it, find you scholarships and funding where available, and support you through the whole process.