Help make a difference in Northeast Ohio's manufacturing community.

Ready to get involved with the Manufacturing Sector Partnership?

The Manufacturing Sector Partnership works with a variety of groups and leaders. You can help by:

  • Educating: Reach out to our intermediary team to share experience and wisdom around the identification, recruitment, onboarding, training, and retention of skilled labor in your organization.
  • ChampioningAs you hear opportunities to connect this initiative with other people, organizations, or projects, please spread the word. The more aware we all are about the things going on in the community, the more aligned and organized we can be about serving our people and employers effectively.




We will need executives, HR professionals, operations leaders, trainers, and shop floor workers to get involved with the execution and implementation steps.

Workforce Development Providers

We will need executives, case managers, etc. to get involved with the execution and implementation steps. 

Job Seekers

Keep a close eye on the process! Let us know what you gets you excited, if you need an introduction, or what questions we could help you answer. Our big goal is to help people that want to work in manufacturing get into great careers with manufacturers.


Community Members / Leaders

We would love to have additional help through:

  • Community organizations hosting events
  • Identification of groups, companies, community organizations that should get pulled into the processes
  • Introduce us to the all-stars that have a great success story of how they went into a manufacturing career, progressed, and loved it! 
  • Individuals who want to participate in action teams
    • Develop inspiring content: Create and disseminate the career path visualizations, success stories, and engagement activities that will help influencers pull interested students and adults into manufacturing career paths.
    • Develop innovative, population-specific on-ramps: Develop inspiring on-ramps into manufacturing for populations historically under-represented. Initial focus is on women, African-Americans, and the re-entry population.
    • Inspire people to go into manufacturing: Learn more about manufacturing, the careers that are available, and help get the word out in our community.


Help Make a Difference in a Top Northeast Ohio Industry

Questions? Want to join us? Fill out the form below and let us know how you'd like to get involved with the Manufacturing Sector Partnership.