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accelerating manufacturing growth

A strategic approach to accelerate your manufacturing startup success.

Our Incubation Center’s approach to growth is simple: We encourage you to take chances, test guesses and prove assumptions. We understand the unique risks associated with each step of idea incubation, and we help you address your opportunities and challenges. Our approach fosters innovation—while saving you time, resources, and budget.

Our Incubation Center’s approach is carried out by a team of professionals who have the industry knowledge and expertise to solve any startup challenge. Many members of our teams have a background in manufacturing, engineering, and legal.


Focused on efficiency.

Time is money in the manufacturing startup world. Our approach puts emphasis on efficiency. We want to help you solve the most complex business challenges with the least amount of budget, time and manpower.

A culture that supports assumptions.

Testing and proving assumptions is how ideas, businesses and product development grow. Our approach encourages you to take chances and make guesses, while keeping your budget and timeline in mind.

A staff eager to guide.

Our staff has truly “been there, done that.” We’re entrepreneurs and manufacturing professionals who have seen it all. Our team is uniquely qualified to help validate your hypothesis, iron out your business model, and help form a timeline and experimentation plan.


See our approach in action.

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