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The MAGNET Incubation Center believes money isn’t a barrier to success.

Our goal is to help you accelerate growth and strengthen the Northeast Ohio economy—despite your startup’s revenue, size or stage. Whether you’ve just thought of your next big product or your startup is off and running, you may qualify for a variety of our services.

Our main qualification? Scrappy startups looking to be agile and growth-oriented, despite any previous hurdles that have stood in their way.  

Affordable, value-based memberships.

Our memberships are affordably priced at $400 per month. Memberships include a customer-centric action plan, strategic guidance, four hours of expert consulting per month, and discounts on qualifying projects. We encourage you to contact us regardless of the amount of money you have to spend.

Inclusive support structure.

The MAGNET Incubation Center seeks innovators and startups that want to create customer-focused products, and see their ideas come to life. Our membership is highly selective because we commit to put you first. We care about the quality of our members, not quantity. No matter where you are in your development, we encourage you to apply.

A focus on free.

No money? No problem. We believe that money shouldn’t be a barrier to success. Many of our basic services are free, and we do offer a limited number of scholarships for qualifying startups and services. Regardless of your budget, contact us to learn about becoming a member.

“Partners like MAGNET—and the advice they offer about operations, sales, and even marketing —make it possible for us to climb the learn curve towards being competitive nationally."

—Evan Delahanty, Peaceful Fruits

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