new product development

Develop and launch products for less money.

MAGNET product design and development services help manufacturers validate and launch for less.

Manufacturers need to grow, and they need new products and markets to do it.

The problem is that coming up with profitable product ideas and launching them effectively isn’t easy. Or cheap.

If you want to develop new products in the most cost-effective way possible, MAGNET is here to help. Our team of expert design engineers and product designers help manufacturers just like you identify, prototype, validate and launch new products for a fraction of the usual cost.

Our proven ideation process helps you identify powerful new product ideas. You can develop 3D functional prototypes with our additive manufacturing technology. And you'll gain access to local companies for full-scale production through our network.

Along the way, our experts help you solve any development and design challenges that come up.

Since 1984, we've launched hundreds of successful products, thanks to our deep experience and expert network. Today, we can help you do the same.

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