Symposium CEO panel

Manufacturing events in Northeast Ohio


Ready for the the New Normal? Moving Forward with EOS When Everybody is Fried

Thursday, September 23, 2020 from 12 - 1 PM EST

As the shock of public health, public policy, and economic fallout from the pandemic begins to fade, business leaders are looking for concrete answers to the question: what comes next? 

This webinar will contextualize burnout in the face of continuing COVID response. During this hour, we will hear from: 

– Reed Stith, EOS Expert

– Geri Puleo PhD, TedTalk speaker & burnout expert


Attendance is free and open to the public.


Coming Back from COVID19: Part 1

(from May 12th, 2020)

Restarting Operations after COVID-19: A checklist for reopening and operating in a post-COVID environment

– Bass Khoury, Director Operations Excellence Practice, MAGNET

CAK – Pandemic Impacts & Next Steps

- Renato Camacho, President & CEO, Akron-Canton Airport


Coming Back from COVID 19: Part 4

(from June 23rd, 2020)

Machine Monitoring & Uptime (IIOT) Installation: Assessment, hardware & software, bundled consulting, results & ROI 

- Joe Work, Sr. Growth & Innovation Advisor, MAGNET

- Kelly Baker, Director of General Industries, Safety Controls Technology, Inc. (SCT) 

- Jacob Duritsky, Vice President of Strategy and Research, Team NEO