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Our manufacturing experts help you achieve excellence in products and process in every part of your business, from back-of-the-napkin ideas to market-leading products and services. We've helped over 2,000 manufacturers generate an additional $1 billion in sales, realize more than $400 million in cost savings, and create or retain 11,000 jobs in Northeast Ohio. And we have a vast network of leading MAGNET Service Partners and technical experts to tap that can solve any business challenge too big for one company alone.

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“We faced many different challenges, from operational and systemic problems within our manufacturing processes to turnover issues with employees.

I initially thought a consultant would come in and use a lot of data to drive results. But MAGNET came in, sat with me and my team, and asked a series of simple, engaging questions to understand our business. [They] worked with me to figure out problems ranging from employee retention to financial impact to plant floor metrics. It’s really refreshing to work with someone like that.”

— Larry Fulton, CEO, LEFCO Worthington

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