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The need for a high-quality product is nothing new. Neither is the need for certifications—but both are hard. MAGNET helps you reach quality standards through improved processes and various certifications, including ISO, AS9100, food safety, and more.

Your customers demand increasing quality—always. Quality can slip over time, new customers may desire new certifications, or you may want to enter a new market. Whatever it may be, MAGNET has 30+ years of experience helping manufacturers find the root cause of quality issues, revamp entire systems, and implement innovative technological solutions.

MAGNET's quality experts help manufacturers:



Improve Processes 

MAGNET's quality improvement experts automate, inspect, and trace products from start to finish. Upon completion, we'll make recommendations to improve your quality processes. 


Get Certified 

Quality certifications serve as a sales tool to enter new markets and set you apart from competitors. We'll work with you to obtain your market's top certifications, including ISO and AS9100.



Innovative solutions exist today that help remedy quality issues—automatically. We can help you deploy collaborative robots and augmented reality to automatically check product specifications. 


"MAGNET helped me with ISO re-certification to 2015 standards for our Stamping Plant and is now ISO-certifying our Fabricating Plant. Gwido Dlugopolsky has helped with the last three projects. He has a good attitude and works well with all the employees. The cost for the work performed is affordable, and the expertise in the industry is excellent. We are very pleased with the results."

—Susan Nash, CFO, WLS Stamping Company

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Improve quality processes, gain top industry certifications.

MAGNET offers hands-on, in-plant quality improvement aid. Our experts diagnose problems, work with your team to solve them, and put systems in place to ensure ongoing standards. MAGNET has helped hundreds of companies prepare for ISO and AS9100 audits and get certified.*

Additionally, our engineering experts can help with automated or technology solution standards. We've built machines that automatically check and discard bad batches, and have deployed collaborative robots and augmented reality devices to automatically check product specifications.

*We do not offer sit-down training for companies in these areas. If you are looking for classes, there are wonderful resources available in our area including Cuyahoga Corporate College East, Lorain County Community College, Stark State, and Kent State.

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