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Technology trends are transforming manufacturing—they belong in your shop.







Bringing new technologies into your manufacturing processes and company is required to maintain your competitive edge. MAGNET helps you find the technologies that fit your company, your budget, and your goals.

Manufacturers that want to beat their competitors and stay on the cutting edge must use the latest technologies. Technologies that used to be too expensive for smaller companies are now realities that offer ROI in less than a year.

What solutions can your company use to reduce your labor need, increase quality, and lower your part cost?




Robotics that can tend machines, assemble, perform quality checks, and weld—all with simple programming.

3d print


3D printing to make replacement parts, customize parts, replace hard to get parts, or create low-volume production.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality devices that automatically check assembly work with ease and fewer errors. 

How One Manufacturer Built the World’s Largest Production-Based Additive Machine

Center Street Technologies wanted to develop an additive machine capable of producing parts large enough for industrial usage. They knew the market was there, but they didn’t have the resources or expertise to design and build the machine. They turned to MAGNET for the design, build, and delivery of the machine.

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"This machine is the largest 3D printer right now. But more importantly, it’s the most capable…. It’s able to generate a product and a digital twin, all at the same time. This technology enables the creative person that may not have the budget of a large corporation to pursue their manufacturing or creation dreams."

— Slade Gardner, PhD, Chief Scientist, Center Street Technologies

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Expert-led technology integration to meet your facility's unique needs. 

MAGNET’s team of manufacturing experts know technologies deeply—many of us have spent entire careers working with the latest advancements. Our goal? Help your company assess and then deploy technologies in ways that fit your unique needs and goals.

See the industry’s cutting-edge technology for yourself at our Cleveland-based Manufacturing Technology Experience. See, touch, and learn what new technologies can do for you. Or, we can come to you for a Technology Assessment, where we walk your plant and see if there are areas where new technologies might be beneficial.

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Is technology integration a focus area for your company?

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