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Your marketing efforts need to bring in leads that are eager to buy from your business. Marketing that works helps your sales team close more business.

It can be a challenge to know if you’re allocating your sales and marketing budgets in the best way. And the unique challenges of your business mean there’s no cookie-cutter answer. How do you solve the problem of attracting and converting the right types of prospects and customers?

MAGNET helps manufacturers like you get more sales—faster.



Sell More, Grow More

Find more of your ideal customers, then sell to them more effectively. We do it by giving you actionable insight into your market, customers, competitors, and sales channels. Then, we help you determine the best products/services to offer, and which channels, markets, and growth objectives to invest in


Drive More Value

Increase the perceived value of your company, products, and services to capture more market share, sell more (and more often), and command premium prices. We use results-driven copywriting and messaging strategies to convince your market that you’re the best one to buy from, no matter the cost.


Improve Sales Team

Help your team win more business with our sales education materials, training, and tools. We teach your team how to better understand prospects, overcome objections, and close business. We also give your distributors, reps, and channel partners the tools they need to grow your business effectively.

How One Manufacturer Created a More Balanced Growth Strategy with MAGNET’s Marketing and Sales Practice

As a seasonal business, Winter Equipment needed a strategy for year-round growth. As MAGNET’s engineering team helped with the product design process, the marketing and sales team brought the voice of the customer to ensure the new products fit a market need.

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"MAGNET brought the voice of the customer to the process and challenged us to make sure that our designs and our solutions were very effective. In the 24 months we've been working with MAGNET, we have actually added jobs, and I believe that's the core of the mission of MAGNET: to help businesses grow. This is a testament to the support and the success that we've had with all of the projects we've executed with MAGNET."

— Bill Sulesky, Director of Manufacturing & Engineering, Winter Equipment


You want to grow sales. MAGNET can help.

With unique stories, manufacturers come to us asking for the same thing: more sales. That’s why everything we do is based on what’s required to generate more sales. Our sales and marketing experts use smart strategies and campaigns to attract more people who are eager to buy from your business, then convert them into sales at higher rates and more often.

We use our real-world experience to recommend customized activities for your business. Whatever your sales or marketing challenge, MAGNET is able to deliver what your business needs to grow.

We've designed our approach to do one thing and one thing only: Get more sales in your pipeline starting today.

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