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Making sure that you stick with a plan, your entire team is aligned, and accountability is front and center are critical for all companies. We get it—sometimes you just don’t have the time. Our  EOS® Implementer (Entrepreneurial Operation System) can help.

With so many tasks to complete in one day, it's hard to slow down to ensure the big, important—but not urgent—things aren’t getting drowned out. Strategy is often seen as esoteric, abstract, and useless. We've seen too many manufacturers make a strategy just to have it sit on a shelf. The EOS® methodology ensures that strategies are nimble and achievable and that everyone in leadership sticks with it over time, so you can make real progress.

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Align Strategies

A strategy without buy-in from leadership and multiple departments simply won't stick. MAGNET's strategic advisors help companies align their strategies with short- and long-term goals.


Implement Balance

We help growth-driven manufacturers adopt a strategic mindset with the help of key metrics so they don't lose track of the business.


Boost Accountability

Strategic leaders instill discipline throughout their organizations to ensure all team members share the same vision. MAGNET helps leadership create a strategic direction and culture of accountability that delivers results. 

How One Manufacturer Increased Sales and Achieved Company Alignment with the EOS® Framework 

After joining together four companies to comprise Torsion Group Corp, company leadership had the opportunity to identify operational inefficiencies that were underpinning growth. They turned to MAGNET to implement the EOS® framework to connect company vision with goals and more. The end result? Cross-department alignment, a unified corporate culture, and more.

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"We needed to come up with a strategic plan and initiative and that's when I reached out to MAGNET. It was transformational for the business. The EOS® process provided for weekly and quarterly updates. It allowed the executive team to put together a plan that we could all buy into."

— Marc Calcaterra, President / CEO, Torsion Group Corp

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Implement a strategy that sticks, based off of growth goals.

By using an EOS® Implementer, MAGNET offers the foundations to get you started on your journey toward a strategy that sticks. We don’t do big PowerPoint presentations or big books of plans. Instead, we work with your team over a few-day introductory session to define the biggest to-dos, focus on the now and the future, and set a plan that will encourages modification. Then, we ensure you have a meeting cadence, a quarterly check-in, and you hold leadership accountable to make progress on your stated goals.

This isn’t easy work, but when you do it, you won’t believe your business ever ran without a system like this in place.

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Is strategic direction a focus area for your company?

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