Success Story - Trilogy

Founded in 2012, Trilogy Engineered Solutions is an offshoot of Stow, Ohio-based metal fabricator Wrayco Industries to create a way for Class 8, or heavy-duty, trucks to utilize compressed natural gas (CNG). Trilogy CEO Gary Gibb saw that using clean CNG instead of diesel fuel in Class 8 trucks would have great economic and environmental benefits through cheaper transportation costs and substantially lower harmful diesel emissions.

Growth Challenge: While Trilogy had the manufacturing expertise for this challenge, they needed help to design and create a product that could effectively use CNG for a marketplace that widely used diesel fuel. In order to conceive and produce a CNG delivery system specifically for Class 8 trucks, effective design and product management was required to prepare the system for different truck configurations while minimally impacting the trucks’ weight limits and getting the most out of the system’s fueling capabilities.


How We Worked With Them: MAGNET provided Trilogy with specialists that arehighly experienced in product management and lead mechanical engineering to map out the fuel delivery system’s development from concept to market entry. Drawing from an initial “smart box” concept created by Gibb and MAGNET’s Lead Mechanical Engineer Michael Pintz, MAGNET consultant Dick Bertino worked with Trilogy around the clock to brainstorm and design effective delivery system concepts. Meanwhile, they also used Wrayco’s fabrication capabilities to build a prototype to exhibit for trade shows and investors.

Outcome: Upon its debut at an Indianapolis truck show in November 2013, Trilogy’s CNG fuel delivery system became a high-demand order in the Class 8 truck market, with $16 million in sales reported for the system in its first year alone.

Trilogy7“This business that is now opening up in the Class 8 market is a billion dollar business ready to explode in the marketplace,” Gibb said. “Trilogy very easily could be a $200 million business in less than five years.”

The Trilogy CNG delivery unit itself is estimated to pay itself off in 6 months or less for long-haul Class 8 truckers driving 300,000 miles or more in a year. Also, truck manufacturers such as Kenworth are looking for Trilogy’s unit to become a factory direct install.

What They Had to Say:

“[MAGNET’s] experience is a wealth of experience and the management group that I worked with was very, very positive. I can’t say enough about them, I only recommend people that I feel very strongly about and I know that if I recommend Dick [Bertino] and Mike Pintz and the MAGNET group that it’s going to be a very positive experience for somebody.”

-Gary Gibb, CEO, Trilogy Engineered Solutions