Success Story - Cast Nylons


Company Detail
Cast Nylons Ltd., a privately held company based in Willoughby, Ohio, is a specialty manufacturer of nylon parts for the special equipment industry. What sets the company apart from competitors is that their stock is ready to be cut and shipped in the same day, which provides a significant and unique marketplace advantage.

Cast Nylons has many employees with over 25 years of experience, some going back to the founding of the company in the mid-seventies.

One benefit of this longevity is that employees are deeply invested with the company in terms of its success, processes, and so on. However, one potential drawback is that employees can sometimes feel like “this is how we’ve always done this.”

Growth Challenge
In order to assure future success and expansion, Cast Nylons management realized that they not only needed to identify areas of potential growth in the market, they needed to ensure that the existing, very experienced, employee base could identify the existing successful corporate culture and be able to share it with new employees, far into the future.

MAGNET helped Cast Nylons gather and document the existing culture. A two-step assessment was developed for every employee. These responses were gathered, analyzed and aggregated, and developed into a robust and employee-generated statements as illustrated below.

Based on five concepts supporting the company’s “Core Purpose” of providing high-value material solutions to customers, the culture was distilled down to Trust, Collaboration, Innovation, Learning, and Speed.

During a two-day training session, Cast Nylons rolled out the new culture statements and created a video featured on the company’s website.

The statements and video feature employees’ own words and emphasizes employee’s sense of empowerment and ownership in their own environment and culture.

This employee-originated company culture is also customer-facing, giving existing and potential-future customers much to believe in and trust.