Sales and Marketing

  • Are your sales stagnant or in decline?
  • Are you seeing shrinking margins or reduced marketplace presence?
  • Do you feel your messaging is inconsistent or confusing?
  • Need to gear up your branding to attract new/additional customers?

MAGNET can help!

Our team of consultants and subject-matter experts has helped small and mid-size manufacturers in Northeast Ohio improve their branding, conduct market research, attract new customers, and achieve better results through our sales and marketing service line.

We work with your company to…

  • Increase sales and revenue through consistent branding and messaging
  • Establish your core values and intended focus for use in marketing materials
  • Define a proven process and value proposition to establish further credibility
  • Discover and act on customer bases and markets through research and analysis
  • Create new marketing tactics and implement processes for long-term success

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Michael Kaminski (Senior Growth and Innovation Advisor)

Michael Kaminski has more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, innovation, and business development in a variety of manufacturing industries. Prior to joining MAGNET in 2006, he served as Business Development Manager for Little Tikes in Hudson, Ohio, where he created an internal contract manufacturing company that helped offset seasonal production issues. His specialties include plastics processing (such as injection molding and extrusion), value engineering, green enterprise development, and product differentiation.