• Are you being squeezed by competitors on margins or price?
  • Are your products significantly different than that of your competitors, or are they perceived as a commodity?
  • Do you know what your customers want out of new products (versus what they need out of existing products)?

MAGNET’s skilled team of engineers and consultants can help!

For over 30 years, MAGNET has assisted thousands of small and mid-size manufacturers in Northeast Ohio with product and process development. We work with and alongside your team to provide the expertise and tools needed to generate and translate your ideas into top-line growth and bottom-line results.

  • Identify potential new products through our ideation process
  • Develop 3D, functional prototypes to test and validate customer acceptance
  • Design for manufacturability and connect with local companies for full-scale production
  • Understand your client base and future trends with market research and analysis

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Boxcast (Cleveland, OH)

Having identified a need to experience live events via video, entrepreneur Gordon Daly developed Boxcast, a streaming device that produces HD footage and can be streamed around the world from an online source. However, the operation was met with several challenges during development, notably product assembly and unit cost. After turning to MAGNET for help, the company was able to design for better manufacturability and make the product available through commercial avenues.

“What was great about MAGNET is they gave a really nice, well-rounded picture of all the different potential issues that we’d have to address to help make sure we had the right balance, that we weren’t obsessing in certain areas at the expense of something else that was going to prove to be more fatal. … We saved a ton of money in the manufacturability of the product itself. Our hopes were to make it a more reliable product in the end because of the particular design process that MAGNET had suggested to us.” – Gordon Daly (Founder, Boxcast)

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Michael Kaminski (Senior Growth and Innovation Advisor)

Michael Kaminski has more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, innovation, and business development in a variety of manufacturing industries. Prior to joining MAGNET in 2006, he served as Business Development Manager for Little Tikes in Hudson, Ohio, where he created an internal contract manufacturing company that helped offset seasonal production issues. His specialties include plastics processing (such as injection molding and extrusion), value engineering, green enterprise development, and product differentiation.