Early College Early Career Program

To date, there are over 3000 open manufacturing positions in Northeast Ohio waiting to filled by workers. Many studies have identified the need for a skilled workforce as one of the critical challenges facing today’s employers, and the skills gap – especially in STEM areas – has gained considerable attention.

However, employers have recognized that part of the solution is to expand their workforce, and the use of apprenticeships is capable of providing immediate (and impactful) benefits in addressing this challenge. By leveraging the best of European-style apprenticeship programs and the brightest in the U.S. educational system, companies will be able to address current industrial needs, provide an alternate path to higher education, and broaden career opportunities that improve quality of life.

What is ECEC?
Developed by MAGNET in conjunction with other organizations, the Early College Early Career program takes students from high school and guides them through a college degree program and subsequent manufacturing career to meet the needs of manufacturers in Northeast Ohio. This initiative offers students company-based, real-world training as well as certification programs that can result in the skilled workforce needed for the region’s manufacturing sector.

How does it work?
Participating companies hire high school students to work 1-2 days per week. During this time, the company will train them on core competencies and pay them for their work on-site. Through work-based learning, students will develop higher-level skills like critical thinking, communication, and teamwork as well as increase skill development while earning college credit.When the student graduates from high school, the companies will decide whether to extend a job offer, which may include full- or part-time employment as the student continues toward a technical, two-year, or four-year degree

How can I become involved?
If you are a student, parent, or employer interested in participating in MAGNET’s Early College Early Career program, fill out the form above or contact Terrence Robinson at 216.432.4022 or terrence.robinson@magnetwork.org.