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Different Questions to Develop your Workforce

July 14, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Every company leader has questions about how to develop and improve their workforce, but many aren’t sure what those questions are. Northeast Ohio manufacturers face a common yet multifaceted problem of hiring and retaining quality talent for the long-term. One way to confront this problem is by looking through the scope of your human resources department. Peter Cappelli, author of the Harvard Business Review article, "Why We Love to Hate HR…and What HR Can Do About It," recently sat down for an interview discussing the challenges facing human resource departments in American business today. As you listen to Capelli examine these challenges, questions about your own workforce may come up, such as: • How can you demonstrate the ROI and cost-effectiveness of certain hiring practices and policies (e.g. bonuses)? • How do you overcome "nagging" and persuade your company to take performance reviews and career development more seriously across the board? • When should you hire contract workers and when should you hire from within? • If you contract your workers, are you managing them properly? These questions and more will be addressed at MAGNET’s upcoming event, "Develop Your Workforce for Growth," on Thursday, Aug. 6 at the Holden University

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Workforce: Another Game of Cause and Effect?

June 09, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Workforce is, unarguably, the number one concern for manufacturers in Northeast Ohio. A strong workforce is essential for sustainability and growth; no workforce means no manufacturing, and no manufacturing means no economy. On a smaller scale, workforce is necessary for driving production, increasing sales, innovating, and growing individual companies. As such, workforce has huge impacts both on individual companies and on the overall economy. The fact that the majority of manufacturing companies are struggling in the area of workforce development is extremely significant. Perhaps your company struggles to find qualified applicants. Perhaps your company finds it challenging to retain competent employees. Regardless of your challenge, MAGNET seeks to help you address your workforce quandaries and ultimately grow your business. In order to find and retain competent workers you need to understand the changing landscape of today’s workforce. This requires identifying why fewer students are entering the manufacturing industry, and what your company can do to change that. Understanding what is deterring students from entering the industry is necessary in order to change the trend. Additionally, you must have a clear vision of your growth plan and recognize how the impact of the changing workforce landscape, if not approached strategically, will

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Students: The Future of Manufacturing

May 22, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

How many career options promise reduced college debt, above-average salary, high-tech facilities, and a wide societal impact? Careers in manufacturing provide opportunities for engaging, rewarding, and far-reaching work. One of the biggest challenges in the manufacturing world today is conveying the benefits of manufacturing jobs to current students – a message necessary for increasing interest and closing the skills gap in the manufacturing sector. As a partner of Ohio Dream It. Do It., MAGNET works to connect current manufacturers and educators with students interested in the manufacturing field, with the goal of engaging and inspiring the next generation. A great example of MAGNET’s work was showcased at the National Robotics League’s recent competition on May 15th-16th at Baldwin Wallace University. In this competition, Beaumont School tied for first place in the "Best Engineered Robot" competition. What does this have to do with our work? In the process of designing their robot, the Beaumont robotics team needed guidance and access to manufacturing parts. The team reached out to us, and we in turn introduced the team to Talan Products. Talan, a metal stamping and manufacturing company, mentored and supported the team as it developed its robot. The resulting product, needless to

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Internship Program Helps Manufacturers Find Work Ready Interns

March 16, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

MAGNET has partnered with Cuyahoga Community College and Lakeland Community College to provide manufacturers with highly qualified interns. This enables them to hire students eager to work and gain valuable experience.  MAGNET will help you identify internship opportunities and projects in your company and develop a process that includes writing an internship job description, selecting the right candidate and tips on managing interns. No matter what you manufacture or where in your company you can use assistance (marketing, human resources, IT, engineering technology, welding), MAGNET will use its partnership to assist you in securing a student intern that can provide immediate benefit to your company.  For more information and to see if your company qualifies, contact Bill Novak at 216.432.5324.      

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Interns Available Now to NEO Manufacturers-Some with Wage Subsidies!

December 08, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

MAGNET has been working with local educational institutions on a number of programs to connect manufacturers with students enrolled in local high schools and the region’s community colleges and universities right here in Northeast Ohio. We’ve put together several intern programs —several offering subsidized wages—payable to employers following the hiring of interns.  For example, MAGNET and Cleveland State can provide interns in engineering, accounting, human resources, IT, business and marketing whose wages are subsidized at 25% through an Ohio Board of Regents grant.  Students from Lakeland or Cuyahoga Community Colleges are also available for such internship positions.  To learn how to take advantage of these opportunities to hire an intern at subsidized wages, contact MAGNET’s Bill Novak at 216.432.5324 or

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How to Become A Thought Leader

October 14, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

One of the biggest marketing buzzwords today is "thought leader," and you might be asking yourself what this means or why it should matter to your company. Becoming a thought leader is essentially being seen as a knowledgeable resource within your industry. Thought leadership is important because your company should want to own the space in which you play. However, becoming a thought leader involves more than just knowing your industry and being able to talk about it. Characteristics of a Thought Leader Thought leaders aren’t just bloggers or speakers at conferences. They’re the people who drive the conversations and influence others. To be seen as a thought leader, here are some characteristics you should possess. Ability to Find Compelling Stories: Thought leaders are able to spot a story a mile away and before anyone else does. To do this, you need to pay attention to the news, engage in conversations with people in your industry and stay on top of current events. When a story breaks, you’re the first one to notice and the first one to come up with an interesting angle. Ability to Tell Stories: Great stories are nothing without a great storyteller. However you choose to

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MAGNET Program Offers Internship and Work Based Learning Opportunities

June 30, 2014 by MAGNET Ohio

MAGNET has partnered with area colleges to provide employers with highly qualified interns with skills in engineering, design, marketing, accounting and IT are now available. MAGNET has also partnered with local career technical programs to offer high school students a work-based learning experience in advanced manufacturing related to their program of study. Participating employers have found this to be a very beneficial program and a great way to be part of the skills gap solution and develop the future workforce. Benefits to your company • Fill your talent pipeline • Improve your productivity • Participate in a proven, cost effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees Assistance in the Process If you are new to internships and work-based learning, MAGNET will help you identify opportunities in your company and develop a process that includes writing a job description, recruiting the right candidate and tips on managing the internship process. Get Involved For more information and to request an intern contact MAGNET at or email Diane Rossa at

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