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New Incubator Tenants

June 11, 2012 by MAGNET Ohio

Two new startups recently moved into The Incubator at MAGNET: Motion Resolution and Real Time Imaging. Motion Resolution is working on a new pedal design for high-end cyclists.  Early tests have shown a dramatic increase in efficiency using the new design, so much so that one of the Ride Across America team members has volunteered to test the pedal during the event. Real Time Imaging aims to simplify dental procedures by making them easier, safer and more efficient to perform through an innovative real-time imaging technology via the miniaturization of the medical fluoroscope.  Check out their website for brief overview of their product. I wish both companies the best of luck and look forward to working with them! The Incubator at MAGNET      

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2012 SME Conference Showcases Bleeding Edge Advanced Manufacturing Technology

June 06, 2012 by MAGNET Ohio

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is holding its 2012 Annual Conference right here in downtown Cleveland. MAGNET is proud to be one of the co-sponsors of this event. The conference opened on Saturday, June 2 and concluded, Tuesday, June 5, with plant tours to NASA Glenn Research Center and Lincoln Electric. On Monday morning, more than 800 engineers packed the ballroom at the Marriott Cleveland Downtown for an elegant breakfast buffet and the early-morning keynote presentation by James M. Free, Deputy Director of NASA GRC. Free shared the many ways that NASA’s mission is continuing as the focus shifts from the Space Shuttle program to deep space exploration. He also highlighted the way NASA is transferring technology to manufacturing applications here on earth. As a prime example of NASA’s terrestrial focus, Free gave a shout out to MAGNET and MAGNET’s President & CEO Dan Berry who was in the audience. That kind acknowledgement came as he presented the names of the nine Northeast Ohio companies that recently each won 40 hours of NASA expert technical consultation through the new Manufacturing Innovation Project sponsored by MAGNET, the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. After Free’s keynote presentation, attendees had a

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Conference presentations reveal benefits and challenges of Open Innovation

February 24, 2012 by MAGNET Ohio

Last week, I attended the CoDev 2012 Conference in San Diego–which had as its focus the topics of Co-Development and Open Innovation. This was the eleventh annual such gathering, sponsored by The Management Roundtable and the Product Development Management Association. The conference’s tagline is: "Achieving Higher Open Innovation Returns While Managing Risk, Cost & Uncertainty." Open innovation is the practice of looking outside your organization for expertise and/or ideas that can help you pursue new products or new business models. I expected to hear about a long history of success stories from many of the companies presenting case studies which included large firms such as Corning, Avery Dennison, and Kraft Foods. What I actually heard was that a disciplined, systemic approach to open innovation that has full backing of the organization is more of an aspiration than a reality right now, as these firms are still working on how to make it work for them. It should not surprise me that these firms don’t quite have it right because open innovation is difficult, even for large firms.  Getting your organization to make innovation a key element of your business strategy is difficult enough in its own right, and figuring out

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MAGNET Engineer leads sustainability class at Kent State University

February 02, 2012 by MAGNET Ohio

MAGNET’s Product Development Manager, Aaron Marshall, has been instructing a graduate level class that runs this semester at Kent State University, located in Kent, Ohio.  The goal of the class is to teach students how to come up with ways to make products more sustainable, while using a program called Sustainable Minds. "Sustainable Minds is a software that allows you to create a baseline of your products," Marshall says. "It helps the students analyze how sustainable products are." This Life Cycle Design II class allows the students to think critically in order for them to come up with unique ideas to improve, redesign and modify components in order to make a product achieve certain standards. "I’m teaching them how to think differently and how to evaluate a product from the sustainable design standpoint," says Marshall. Their final project of the semester will require the students to come up with corporate sustainability goals and then redesign a product to achieve those goals. Find out more about the MAGNET Product Design & Development group at

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SMART Center Chris Mathers Visits The Incubator at MAGNET

January 24, 2012 by MAGNET Ohio

On Tuesday, January 24, tenants of The Incubator at MAGNET had a networking meeting here in the MAGNET Seminar Room. For this month’s event, they welcomed Chris Mather, Managing Director of the SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems, located at Lorain County Community College (LCCC). In 2010, LCCC received a $5.5 million grant from the Wright Center for Sensor Systems Engineering administered by Cleveland State University to grow new jobs, businesses and educational programs in the high growth industry of sensor technologies. Mather introduced our tenants to the capabilities of the SMART Center. The SMART Center offers back-end packaging solutions for companies who manufacture sensors, micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) and other silicon-fabbed devices. This morning, our Incubator tenants learned about how the Center can help them with chip packaging, surface mounting, reliability testing, and inspection issues. Mather also shared that, while the center is currently housed in around a 3500 sq.ft. space, ground was recently broken for a brand new 35,000 sq.ft. facility attached to the LCCC’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center. Mather noted that the SMART Center has been recognized by a national expert as "one of the top centers of it’s kind in the country." And he emphasized that the

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New Innovation Program for Smaller Manufacturers Offers NASA Expertise, Low-Interest Loans

January 06, 2012 by MAGNET Ohio

If you’re a manufacturer with less than $50 million in annual revenue, AND you are located in Cleveland or Cuyahoga County, you are eligible to apply for an exciting new program MAGNET announced on January 3, 2012. Subject matter experts from NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland can be made available for free to help you solve a technical challenge you may have with a new or existing product. To help with any other costs that might arise in solving the problem, Cuyahoga County and the City of Cleveland have allocated  $450,000 in low interest loans that companies selected for this program can utilize. A FREE briefing session explaining all the details will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 25 at MAGNET headquarters in downtown Cleveland. Register online or contact Linda Barita at (216) 391-7766. For complete details, visit Media Coverage: NASA Glenn teams up with Cleveland, Cuyahoga County for small-business loan program, by Robert Schoenberger, Cleveland Plain Dealer, January 3, 2012

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MAGNET client Vadxx Energy wins media attention

August 31, 2011 by MAGNET Ohio

Vadxx Energy, a client of The Incubator at MAGNET, has been racking up media attention recently. The company’s  innovative process produces synthetic crude oil from recycled plastic via a process called thermal depolymerization. Vadxx partnered with the MAGNET Product Design & Development group to finalize engineering and design of the intake system for its commercial production unit. In June, Vadxx and Houston-based Greenstar Recycling announced a joint venture to serve Greenstar’s municipal customers by converting recycled plastics into into synthetic crude oil. (Here’s the June 24, 2011 press release.) The previous week, Greenstar won a contract with the City of Akron to build a single-stream recycling processing facility in the city, in partnership with Vadxx Energy. On the heels of that announcement, the Cleveland ABC affiliate, NewsNet 5, ran a video report, including an interview with Vadxx Chief Technology Officer, Bill Ulom. (See "Akron could create hundreds of jobs with new recycling technology," ABC NewsNet 5, June 16, 2011) That coverage caught the attention of Mark Schmit, a Director with the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership team in Washington, D.C.  Today, Schmit published a thoughtful blog post tracing Vadxx Energy’s evolution. In his August 31st post to the NIST MEP blog,

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Engineering Whiskey?! Entrepreneur distills sucess with MAGNET Product Design & Development team

August 26, 2011 by MAGNET Ohio

Entrepreneur Tom Lix has a "big idea": a completely new and dramatically faster way to mature distilled spirits. But to attract venture capital to his startup, he needed to prove the concept. The Incubator at MAGNET helped Lix tap into a host of resources, including the engineers at MAGNET’s Product Design & Development group. Find out how Cleveland Whiskey’s computerized test laboratory went from sketches on a piece of scratch paper to reality in less than a year. Read all the stories in the Summer 2012 issue of MAGNET Roundup here.

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MIT Technology Review: Location matters in manufacturing

July 22, 2011 by MAGNET Ohio

The MIT Technology Review today published an article that makes the case that the migration of manufacturing from the U.S. to Asia is an urgent problem for reasons other than the obvious effect on manufacturing employment. In her analysis of optoelectronic and automotive component manufacturing, Carnegie Mellon University professor Erica Fuchs shows that the fate of emerging technologies can be linked to the choice of manufacturing location. Quick quote: "In studies with colleagues at MIT, Fuchs shows that the relocation of component manufacturing from the United States to East Asia in optoelectronics and to China in composite body parts for automobiles changed the economics of producing the technologies. "The result in both cases is that emerging technologies developed in the United States were not economically viable to produce in the Asian countries because of differences in manufacturing practices. And Fuchs suspects similar effects are happening more generally as production shifts to the developing world. "Location matters for ‘which products will be economically viable, which products countries will be most competitive in producing, and which products countries and companies globally are most likely to develop,’ she says." Read the full text of the article here: Location matters in manufacturing, by David

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Innovation Without Technology?

March 17, 2011 by MAGNET Ohio

I recently attended the NorTech Innovation Awards and it was exciting to see all of the great technologies coming out of Northeast Ohio and the products that are able to solve important problems because of those technologies. This event highlights the important role that technology can play in innovation. But it’s important to note that innovation does not always require the latest technology, even in manufacturing where technology and engineering play such a key role. Some manufacturers offer maintenance services for their products. Others offer a unique industrial designs. These are just a couple of examples of opportunities for manufacturers to differentiate their business without adopting or developing brand new technology. I appreciate these kinds of innovations as much as those based on the advancement of technology, because they both accomplish the same thing—creating value for customers. I’d love to hear about your company’s experience with innovation for growth. Comment below or send me an e-mail. We are very interested to find out what is working for companies in today’s new economic reality. And I look forward to learning about more innovations in manufacturing by regional and local companies at the 2011 MANNY Awards, co-sponsored by Inside Business magazine and

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