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Gear up for Manufacturing Month 2016!

September 12, 2016 by Liz Fox

For most manufacturers, the fall season is a time of evaluating first-quarter performance, welcoming employees back from vacation, and focusing on what’s to come after the close of the calendar year. However, the month of October is also Manufacturing Month in Ohio, and many businesses and organizations are looking for ways to celebrate the industry’s best assets and illustrate its bright future. But why is manufacturing so important to our state, and what does it offer to today’s evolving world? According to the Ohio Manufacturers Association, manufacturing is responsible for nearly 20 percent of the state’s gross domestic product and provides more than 670,000 jobs for skilled workers. In addition, manufacturing is the largest of the state’s 20 sectors, boasting $52 million in products around the world and generating nearly $100 billion in GDP revenue. In particular, Northeast Ohio manufacturers account for 14 percent of the region’s employment and 19 percent of our GDP. To heighten awareness of the sector’s importance to our region, many companies and organizations are opening their doors to students, parents, and others during the month of October. Manufacturing Day, which takes place on Oct. 7, is the high point, with over 1100 events taking place

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[M]NEXT: Why Small Manufacturers Matter

September 08, 2016 by Liz Fox

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), small manufacturers - companies with less than 500 employees – represent up to 99 percent of all manufacturers and account for 8.2 million jobs in the U.S. As a result, productivity among this group has continued to grow, leading to the idea of always improving in any way possible. To sustain results, it’s important to note that people matter just as much or methods or tools. MAGNET has a wealth of options for manufacturers who want to up their game through growth. Among the most vital is [M]NEXT, a new initiative focused on improving operations and employee engagement. Designed for small companies who want to grow, these workshops provide the knowledge and tools to implement Lean manufacturing principles, streamline operations, and foster more trust and communication between employees, thereby leading to top-line expansion and economic impact for the Northeast Ohio region. This series touches on a wide range of topics essential to manufacturers, including: Lean manufacturing and other fundamentals Kaizen, Kanban, and problem solving Utilizing Lean in office and administrative setting Talent pipeline, attraction, and retention ...and more! Take advantage of MAGNET’s world-class expertise and join the ranks of manufacturers that

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Youngstown/Warren Chamber, MAGNET partner to assist valley manufacturers

August 25, 2016 by Liz Fox

MAGNET and the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce have partnered to offer new growth opportunities to manufacturers in Mahoning and Trumbull counties that would enable small- to mid-sized companies to take advantage of the many resources MAGNET offers in Northeast Ohio. Sarah Boyarko, Senior Vice President of Economic Development at the Regional Chamber, and Linda Barita, Director of Strategic Alliances at MAGNET, will serve as the primary liaisons between the two organizations. With the help of MAGNET’s Growth Advisory team, the Chamber’s Economic Development outreach team will work to strengthen the region’s manufacturing community. For more than 20 years, Youngstown/Warren Chamber staff have conducted daily business retention and expansion visits with local companies in an effort to ensure they are aware of the resources available to assist in their growth. Currently, Anthony Catullo and Genna Petrolla, the Chamber’s managers of Business Development, are responsible for those visits in Mahoning and Trumbull counties, respectively, and will include information about MAGNET’s services in their conversations and presentations to manufacturers. “As a friend, colleague and collaborator of MAGNET, I am pleased to partner with the organization to support manufacturers in the region,” said Boyarko. “Our community is growing, and MAGNET has clearly demonstrated the knowledge,

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MAGNET Welcomes Terrence Robinson as ECEC Executive Director

August 15, 2016 by Liz Fox

MAGNET is pleased to announce the addition of Terrence S. Robinson to the organization as Executive Director of the new Early College Early Career apprenticeship program. Modeled after European-style apprenticeships, Early College Early Career (ECEC) equips high school students in Northeast Ohio with a skill set highly sought after by the region’s manufacturers. Participating students receive college credit as well as industry certifications that open doors for them upon graduation. The program will also provide ample opportunities for other forms of learning, such as workplace visits, job shadowing, and on-site training. For employers, ECEC builds a continuous pipeline of students and engages local high schools to maintain a strong and steady interest in manufacturing. “Terrence is a key player in helping Early College Early Career launch the creation of a new and skilled manufacturing workforce,” said MAGNET President and CEO Ethan Karp. “With his unrivaled experience in leadership and academia, he will provide ECEC with the direction and vision that it needs to flourish, and MAGNET is proud to have such an invaluable asset on our team.” “I believe that my experiences in education and academia allows me to bring a voice and perspective to the leadership team at MAGNET and ECEC

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Secretary of Labor visits MAGNET partner and client, praises collaborative workforce initiative

June 08, 2016 by Liz Fox

U.S. Secretary of Labor Tom Perez visited Cleveland-based manufacturer Great Lakes Towing Company on Monday, June 6th to recognize the company for its achievements in workforce and talent development. A MAGNET partner company, the tugboat manufacturer was founded at the turn of the 20th century and boasts an impressive roster of past shareholders, including industrialist John D. Rockefeller, Cleveland titan Jeptha Wade, and members of the Hanna and Mather families. The company was spotlighted for its participation in the Manufacturing Sector Partnership Project, a program that in part drives students toward a viable career in manufacturing through coursework, fast-track training and real-world experience. A collaborative effort between MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (an Ohio MEP affiliate), Cuyahoga Community College, and the Cuyahoga County Workforce Development Board, the Sector Partnership Grant aims to significantly grow the existing pool of manufacturing candidates by providing required training to students. At the same time, the Sector Partnership Grant engages companies that need additional support in developing their workforce and defining their skill needs. The program also helps build a strong and consistent pipeline of skilled workers who are available to meet the growing demands of several industries in Northeast Ohio. After touring

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MAGNET brings manufacturing trends, thought leadership into the spotlight

April 26, 2016 by Liz Fox

On Thursday, April 14, MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network and the University of Akron’s Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing hosted the inaugural [M]anufacturing Matters session in conjunction with the Ashland Small Manufacturers Council. The event encouraged business owners, educators, and economic development leaders from across North Central Ohio “follow the trend lines, not the headlines” when it comes to understanding the present and future of the U.S. economy. Led by MAGNET Senior Growth and Innovation Advisor Bob Schmidt and University of Akron Associate Professor Andrew R. Thomas, the meeting in Ashland County addressed an array of manufacturing concerns, including the current state of the economy, patterns in domestic manufacturing, and what companies can expect in the future. “The presentation was eye-opening and very interesting,” said Tyler Shinaberry of EPIK. “We need to be creative and think creatively … The session presented challenges for the future, and we must look outward and get creative for the future.” “I thought I knew a lot about our economy, but this proved I did not,” said Gary Funkhouser, President and CEO of Certified Labs. “It was informative and interesting. It was worth the time investment, and we should do more of these

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MAGNET hosts briefing session for collaborative Adopt a City program

January 28, 2016 by Liz Fox

More than 45 guests were in attendance for MAGNET and NASA Glenn’s Adopt a City Breakfast Briefing on Thursday, Jan. 28. A collaborative project between MAGNET, the NASA Glenn Research Center, the City of Cleveland, and Cuyahoga County, the Adopt a City program pairs Northeast Ohio manufacturers with NASA subject matter experts and resources that enable them to solve technical challenges. Companies selected as a result of the program will also be able to access $300,000 in low-interest loans provided by Cuyahoga County and the City of Cleveland. [caption id="attachment_1543" align="alignleft" width="300"] Paul Bartolotta (Senior Aerospace Engineer, NASA Glenn), Megan Tomsik (Product Development Support Specialist, MAGNET), and Ed Nolan (Vice President of Product Development and Engineering, MAGNET) at the 2016 Adopt A City Breakfast Briefing.[/caption] “With over 3000 employees, NASA Glenn is a secret treasure in Northeast Ohio,” said MAGNET President and CEO Ethan Karp. “Since partnering with them, we have generated over 4 million dollars in revenue for the region and plan to expand that with this year’s initiative.” Featured speakers also included NASA Glenn’s Eric Baumann and Paul Bartolotta, Cuyahoga County Economic Development Adminstrator Michael May, and Tracy Nichols, Director of Economic Development for the City of Cleveland.

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MAGNET partners with Canton Chamber to grow manufacturing in Stark County

January 27, 2016 by Liz Fox

MAGNET has announced a new partnership with the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce to expand its reach in Stark County, and offer new growth opportunities to Stark County manufacturers. Funded by the Stark Community Foundation, Fund for Our Economic Future (FFEF), and the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), the new venture will allow small- and medium-sized manufacturers to access MAGNET’s holistic consulting services and take advantage of resources for manufacturers in Northeast Ohio. A true public-private partnership that leverages all of Northeast Ohio’s economic development infrastructure to help grow manufacturing, MAGNET’s consulting covers all areas of a small- to medium-sized manufacturer’s business, including sales and marketing, process improvements, product innovation, workforce and talent development, logistics, exports, and more. [caption id="attachment_1528" align="alignleft" width="180"] Steven J. Katz, Chamber COO[/caption] Canton Chamber Interim Chief Operating Officer Steven J. Katz will serve as the primary liaison between the two organizations, helping launch MAGNET’s Canton office while strengthening MAGNET’s relationship with the community. According to the latest data from Cleveland State University, manufacturing makes up 17.1 percent of Stark County’s economy, employing over 26,500 people, and growing two percent annually. “As a longtime friend and collaborator of MAGNET, I am pleased to partner with them

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Ohio MEP starts new initiative for companies impacted by coal plant closures

January 27, 2016 by Liz Fox

Has your production facility been impacted by coal plant and coal mine closures? If so, the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is ready to help! Ohio and neighboring states have been impacted by these closures and therefore, the Ohio MEP is planning and developing services to assist those manufacturing companies that supply coal plants and coal mines with goods. Some of the services available through Ohio MEP that may be of assistance to affected companies include: Expert assistance to help with business planning associated with the transition to new markets Technical assistance with productivity and efficiency issues to help maintain financial viability with a lower sales volume Identification of new technologies and product or service lines that would help open new markets Assistance in plant layout and technology adoption to facilitate introduction of new products or services Workforce retraining to adapt to new markets. A network of resources is available through the Ohio MEP to address various challenges. Please contact us to schedule a brief phone call, a one-on-one meeting, and/or a site visit to learn more. Contact: Linda Barita 216.391.7766

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MAGNET CEO Ethan Karp Featured in Inside Business Magazine

June 30, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Inside Business’ July/August 2015 magazine featured an article highlighting MAGNET’s new CEO, Ethan Karp, and his vision of MAGNET’s future. Karp, previously Vice President of Client Services, was promoted to President and CEO in May. In the article, he expresses his continued commitment to MAGNET’s mission to drive growth of small- and medium- sized Northeast Ohio manufacturers. In addition, he discusses the prospect of new initiatives and a continued widening of MAGNET’s regional impact. Karp draws attention to MAGNET’s significant regional and national partners, which range from local institutions such as Cuyahoga Community College to much larger programs such as NASA Glenn. MAGNET has spent time cultivating these essential partnerships to best serve the region. Karp explains that MAGNET hopes to build upon these partnerships to expand services and address current manufacturing challenges. One of the new programs in MAGNET’s pipeline is a high school feeder program designed to prepare students for manufacturing jobs, addressing the complex workforce needs of today’s manufacturing landscape. Another goal is to increase MAGNET’s partnership network and geographic reach. MAGNET’s services have a large, measurable impact upon clients. Some notable clients MAGNET has served recently include Cleveland Whiskey, OsteoSymbionics, Vitamix, and Biolectrics. These companies have

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