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Real-Time Information and Insight for Manufacturers

August 08, 2016 by Liz Fox

Information powers improvement — yet many manufacturers are powerless. Most manufacturing leaders don’t know what’s happening in their plants right now. The information vacuum is even worse at SMEs: executives at these companies can rarely get their hands on real-time information regarding critical metrics. For example, less than a third of SMEs have a real-time capability to monitor and measure process-specific safety within their plants. Worst of all, a staggering percentage of SMEs have no information about key performances (Figure 1). A full 11 percent have no capability to track safety. Capability to monitor and measure    No capability Real-time capability Process-specific quality 8% 36% Process-specific safety 11% 29% Location-specific inventory levels 12% 26% Process-specific pace or speed 12% 22% Process-specific productivity 12% 21% Individual equipment or machine performance 11% 20% In-plant material handling performance 19% 18% Process-specific sustainability performance 21% 14% Supplier performance 12% 10% External logistics/distribution performance 16% 8%   Respondents rated capability on a scale of 1-5, where 1=No capability and 5=Real-time capability. Imagine working at one of the SMEs that don’t know if equipment is operating (11 percent), or how much inventory is lying around (12 percent), or internal cycle times (12 percent). Leaders at SMEs often

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