Blog posts from May, 2016

What does manufacturing look like in the final frontier?

May 28, 2016 by Liz Fox

In the not-so-distant past, there were times when much of the technology we embrace today was written off as science fiction. Smartwatches, tablets, and VR headsets are now part of everyday reality, the additive manufacturing sector is constantly buzzing with new ideas, products, techniques, and machinery that help improve and enhance businesses as well as general quality of life. But what happens when 3D printing is literally taken to new heights? Just ask Made In Space, a group of entrepreneurs, scientists, and developers who helped NASA launch the first 3D printer into space earlier this year. “Manufacturing in space has been something that has been a given in science fiction since time immemorial,” said Made In Space President Andrew Rush in a recent interview with TCT. “By having a manufacturing facility stationed in space, we can save thousands of dollars and cut the time significantly.” Founded in 2010, the company strives to “enable humanity’s future in space” by developing new technologies designed to operate in microgravity environments. AMF, an elaborate and permanent 3D printing system used on the International Space Station, is already making a splash with projected improvements in costs and lead times. But why is important to have

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Winners Announced for 2016 Adopt a City Program

May 26, 2016 by Liz Fox

The City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, NASA, and MAGNET: The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network have revealed the names of eight small and mid-size manufacturers who will receive help from NASA subject-matter experts through the 2016 Adopt a City program. The winners were announced Tuesday, May 24 at the 2016 NASA Glenn Technology Day, a large event featuring speakers, exhibits, and tours that celebrated the center’s 75th anniversary and the legacy of NASA’s innovation and expertise. In addition to 40 hours of technical assistance, the eight finalists are also eligible for up to $50,000 in low-interest loans provided by the City and County. Companies selected include: 1. AlSher APM LLC (Cleveland) 2. Arzel Zoning Technology Inc. (Warrensville Heights) 3. Enerco Group Inc. (Cleveland) 4. Health-Mor Inc. (Strongsville) 5. Hunt Imaging (Berea) 6. Infinite Arthroscopy Inc. Ltd. (Cleveland Heights) 7. NSL Analytical Services Inc. (Warrensville Heights) 8. Sustainable Coatings Inc. (Strongsville) More than 40 manufacturers expressed interest in applying for the program during an orientation breakfast held at MAGNET in late January. "Local manufacturing companies can make a difference in the economy,” said NASA Glenn Director Janet Kavandi. “Assisting these manufacturers with world-class expertise from Glenn’s experts is an opportunity for

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