Blog posts from August, 2015

Celebrating Manufacturers in Northeast Ohio: NEOMakesThat

August 28, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

    To mark Manufacturing Month this October, and in the run-up to the 2015 [M]Power Manufacturing Assembly on September 30th in Akron, MAGNET is introducing the #NEOMakesThat hashtag. The goal is to spotlight and celebrate the rise of Northeast Ohio manufacturing on Twitter for all to see, thus changing the national perception of our region and fighting misconceptions about manufacturing. The 60 Tweets in 60 Days campaign will run through September and October, and we’ll be celebrating and highlighting manufacturers in the Northeast Ohio region, along with the products they make. From household names like Sherwin-Williams and Chevrolet, to hidden treasures like Cleveland Whiskey, Reel Grip, and Myers Motors, we will be giving shoutouts via Twitter and other social media channels. "Northeast Ohio has a rich manufacturing history," said Ethan Karp, President and CEO of MAGNET. "Some companies, like Wooster Brush, have been making products in the region for 150 years, while others are much more recent additions to our proud roster of local makers." Also as part of the kick off to Ohio Manufacturing Month, MAGNET has partnered again with Crain’s Cleveland Business to present the [M]Power Manufacturing Assembly. This, the second year of the event, takes place

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MAGNET Trains Manufacturers on How to Take Charge of Their Workforce

August 17, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

    There were many takeaways from MAGNET’s August 6th Develop your Workforce for Growth event, but a key one is this: do your due diligence. Today’s manufacturing landscape is both promising and challenging; while some challenges may be out of your business’ hands, there are many things you can do to strengthen your workforce. Our  Develop your Workforce event explored workforce strategies that your company can adopt and are completely within your company’s control. Director of Workforce & Talent Development Judith Crocker and Senior Business Consultant Donna Rhodes framed a variety of workforce challenges facing manufacturers today. Manufacturers, who often have unskilled incumbent workers as well as a shortage of applicants, are not aligned with company needs and culture. Crocker and Rhodes stressed that companies must be proactive rather than reactive in addressing these challenges. The event featured a panel of three leaders in companies that have successfully addressed workforce challenges, ranging from addressing skills gaps to retaining employees. Bill Swan, Lead OJT Coordinator at Swagelok, spoke about Swagelok’s successful program for developing a consistent talent pipeline. To improve their outlook, Swagelok partnered with Tri-C and MAGNET to create a fast-track program for potential employees. Participants who successfully complete

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MAGNET Educates Area Manufacturers on Building Sales Networks

August 05, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

MAGNET and WIRE-Net recently held their fourth Accelerate Cleveland Manufacturing Growth Forum of 2015, presented by Dollar Bank. This informative manufacturing event focused on improving manufacturers’ business performance through a well-built sales network. MAGNET Senior Growth Advisor Tom Sovich was joined by other expert speakers to provide a successful and valuable manufacturing forum. Dan Collins, VP of Sales with Wire Products Company, opened the event by presenting real-world examples and strategies for building a sales network. With 35 years of experience in sales, Collins has developed a strong network of contacts and has recently used this network to add 10 jobs to Wire Products. Collins noted the importance of networking and the sales opportunities that can grow from it. He explained how his company earned contracts with companies like Remington Arms and Little Tykes through an "all of the above" strategy: maintaining relationships with former colleagues, new acquaintances, past clients, and current partners, in order to encourage referrals and future business. Collins said that in building a sales network, companies must first sell themselves as honest and reliable, and then sell their products as valuable and unique. In addition, they must surround themselves with "smarter" people who can describe the

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The Many Faces of MAGNET

August 03, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

    Your company is complex, sophisticated, and multi-faceted - and so is MAGNET. MAGNET provides services to cover all of your business needs, with expertise in innovation, employment, and entrepreneurship. We have more than 30 years of experience helping small- to medium- sized manufacturers, and we know what it takes to make your business grow. Innovation MAGNET helps your business with every step of the product development process. In addition to helping you develop new products and processes, we help you improve existing products by increasing functionality and lowering costs. When your products are ready for market, we help you develop and execute powerful marketing and sales plans across multiple media channels. Throughout the process, we help you streamline your operations with lean consulting and related services. This allows you to improve efficiency in sales, engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing. Employment Your company’s success hinges upon your workforce. MAGNET’s Workforce and Talent Development (WFTD) services help you attract, develop, and retain talent, so that you have a thriving workforce poised for success. MAGNET has an extensive partnership network which includes local career and technical schools, community colleges, and universities. Through this network, we can help your business get interns, create

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