Blog posts from March, 2015

Breaking Down the CMI Manufacturing Content Marketing Report

March 19, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Manufacturing is unique. So, it makes sense that manufacturers have content marketing practices that set them apart from other industries. Even within the general B2B category, manufacturers tend to employ different tactics. The Content Marketing Institute recently released its annual B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Report, which was sponsored by Fathom Digital Marketing in Valley View, OH. The report corroborates the idea that manufacturing marketing differs from the marketing tactics of its B2B counterparts. The question it poses is this—which variations from the norm are warranted and which are detrimental? Some of the more innocuous differences the report found include an emphasis on YouTube and LinkedIn, higher use of videos as a content medium, and brand awareness as a top goal of content marketing efforts. But, lower perceived effectiveness, a lack of strategy, and an overall disconnect between tactics and results are harming manufacturers’ marketing initiatives. In fact, as shown in the table below, industrial marketing is almost uniformly underperforming when compared to the general B2B results. Some other influential findings from the report include: 1.    82% of manufacturing marketers use content marketing 2.    Only 26% of those using content marketing feel its effective 3.    Of those with perceived effective content marketing, 53%

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MAGNET Thanks President Barack Obama for His Visit and Support of Manufacturing

March 18, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

President Barack Obama visited the offices and workshop of MAGNET: Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network on Wednesday, March 18. "This was a fantastic opportunity for us to show the President first-hand how the state and federal investments in the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program are helping manufactures grow in Northeast Ohio," said Dan Berry, MAGNET’s President and CEO. "A sitting President has never visited an MEP affiliate, and it was exciting that MAGNET was the first host of such a visit." Since the President’s focus was on the Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s impact on local manufacturers, MAGNET asked the CEO’s of four local client companies – OsteoSymbionics, Vadxx, EcoChem, and Cleveland Whiskey – to meet the President and describe their new products and processes. Ethan Karp, MAGNET’s Vice President for Client Services, was the President’s tour guide. "The President was thoroughly engaged with all of the companies' CEOs he talked with, and expressed multiple times how what MAGNET was doing was very important and interesting," said Karp. "Each CEO talked about their exciting technology, and how MAGNET has assisted them in bringing their products to market. He was excited about the past, present, and future of manufacturing in Northeast Ohio." During

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Internship Program Helps Manufacturers Find Work Ready Interns

March 16, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

MAGNET has partnered with Cuyahoga Community College and Lakeland Community College to provide manufacturers with highly qualified interns. This enables them to hire students eager to work and gain valuable experience.  MAGNET will help you identify internship opportunities and projects in your company and develop a process that includes writing an internship job description, selecting the right candidate and tips on managing interns. No matter what you manufacture or where in your company you can use assistance (marketing, human resources, IT, engineering technology, welding), MAGNET will use its partnership to assist you in securing a student intern that can provide immediate benefit to your company.  For more information and to see if your company qualifies, contact Bill Novak at 216.432.5324.      

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Why Twitter is Essential to Your Industrial Marketing

March 03, 2015 by MAGNET Ohio

Twitter is a popular and influential social media channel for the media industry and popular political figures. It offers benefits to all industries, though—even manufacturing. If you’re not on Twitter yet, read the four reasons below and find out how it will amplify your digital marketing. 1.    Humanizing Your Brand Truthfully, this is a huge advantage of all social media channels. It is especially true for Twitter, though. Twitter allows for regular updates, conversational language, and direct interaction with your audience. More than any other channel, Twitter gives you the opportunity to see what your audience (and ideal customers) are talking about on a regular basis. With this, you can learn how to best relate to them. Manufacturing marketing often suffers from both outdated brands and lagging social media practices—an active and well-run Twitter profile solves both of these issues. 2.    Keeping Your Fingers on the Pulse of Industry News In keeping with the above point, you also have access to the most rapidly updated source of industry news with Twitter. By following the top industry leaders and knowing which hashtags to track, you’ll never fall behind on important news. With this kind of real time access to the top news, you’ll always be

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